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Start projects on the right foot and improve team dynamics with Plays. These free workshop resources are designed to integrate into your workflow, and can be facilitated by any team member at any level.

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What are Plays? Copy link to heading Copied!

Plays are free workshop resources that help teams work better together. Each Play tackles common team challenges and breaks down the steps and actions needed to address them.

Play instructions are designed so that you, your teammate, or a team lead are prepared to facilitate the workshops and guide these important conversations that remove team friction.

Most Plays require pre-work, a scheduled meeting, and end with action items to move projects or teamwork forward.

What’s the difference between a Play and a template that teams collaborate on in a digital tool? Copy link to heading Copied!

Plays are structured workshops facilitated in-person, or remotely online.

Created by our teams for yours, templates in Confluence and Trello help teams navigate conversations and create a visual record of what's discussed during a Play. These built-in guides in Atlassian tools help track decisions, outcomes, and next steps.

Templates are supplemental and are not required to run a Play.

Are Plays free to use? Copy link to heading Copied!

Yes, Play instructions and content are free. Use them as much as you want and feel free to share these resources with others.

I’m new to Plays. Where should I start? What order should I run Plays in? Copy link to heading Copied!

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to which Plays you should run first. We have Plays that address very specific issues, as well as Plays that improve teamwork in general.

If you’re not sure where to start, consider the stage of the project your team is working on. If you’re just launching a project, consider Project Poster, Project Kick Off or Working Agreements. If you’re towards the middle or end, we recommend one of our Plays from the “Debriefing” category such as a Health Monitor, Retrospective or 4Ls Retrospective to reflect back on where things are going well and what needs improving.

See above to explore Plays organized by category.

I'm not comfortable facilitating a Play. What should I do? Copy link to heading Copied!

We believe leadership takes many forms and that Plays can be run by anyone.

All Play instructions come with a detailed list of prep work, step-by-step guides for during the team workshop, and helpful tips based on the experience of Play facilitators at Atlassian.

Some Plays benefit from having someone outside of your team to facilitate, so everyone can participate. If this is the case, ask a colleague outside of your team to run the Play.

If you have specific questions about facilitating, check out our facilitation tips here or email us at and we’ll see how we can help!

Do we have to change the way we manage projects or workflows to use Plays? Copy link to heading Copied!

Nope! Plays are meant to improve how you already work, not change your workflows completely. When we developed Plays, we intentionally blended elements of agile, lean, Design thinking, and other methodologies in order to help diverse teams with many different goals, skills, and personalities.

I have a question or feedback about a Play. What do I do? Copy link to heading Copied!

The Team Playbook is a living, breathing resource that’s always changing and improving.

We'd love to hear what's working for you, and what's not. Email us your questions or comments at

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