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Get a fully featured service desk with an integrated knowledge base, self-service portal, automation, SLA support and CSAT reporting —starting at only $20/month. 

JIRA Service Desk, Confluence

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Everything you need from a new type of service desk

Smarter self-service

With machine learning, your customers can always find their answer no matter how they ask for it. 

The collaboration desk

Rally the right experts, swarm on a problem, or just high-five your team. A service desk built for working better together.

Next-level automation

Speed up your day and automate all the things  – ticket routing, severity 1 notifications, and more.

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Jira Service Desk + Knowledge Base

Turn your service desk into a self-service delight with a knowledge base powered by Confluence. Join the 20,000+ teams building the new shape of IT with Atlassian, starting at only $20/month.

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