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To help ease your transition from Server or Data Center to Cloud, we are offering existing customers with 1,001+ users a discount when they migrate that can be locked in for 12 or 24 months.

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Eligibility requirements

  • Your existing Server or Data Center license(s) was purchased before February 2, 2021 PT, and is under active maintenance or within 30 days of expiry.
  • You must migrate 1,001+ users to an annual subscription of the following products and apps:
    • Jira Software Cloud
    • Jira Service Management Cloud
    • Jira Work Management Cloud
    • Confluence Cloud
    • Atlassian-owned apps:
      • Insight - Asset Management
      • Questions for Confluence
      • Training for Jira

For clarity, this promotional offer does not apply retroactively to existing cloud subscriptions that were not purchased pursuant to this promotional offer and cannot be combined with, or used to extend the duration of, any other promotional offers or pricing discounts. Atlassian may modify or cancel discounts at any time, and this page does not obligate Atlassian to extend any specific discounts for any specified period of time. To see whether you qualify for this limited-time promotional offer, please contact sales.


Can you share an example of how the loyalty discount change might impact a customer?

Company A purchases a Jira Software Server license (2,000 user tier) and Confluence Server license (500 user tier) on January 1, 2015 PT. It is now 2023, and they would like to migrate from Server to Cloud. They purchase an annual Jira Software Cloud subscription (2,000 user tier) and an annual Confluence Cloud subscription (500 user tier) on June 30, 2023 PT.

  • Since they purchased their Cloud subscriptions before July 1, 2023 PT, they are eligible for a 20% discount on Jira Software Cloud and no discount on Confluence Cloud since it is less than 1,001 users.

Do I need to use a cloud migration trial to be eligible for this promotion?

Yes, you must utilize our free Cloud migration trial when you migrate to Cloud.

What is the discount schedule?

Discount schedule

The Cloud subscription discount you receive will be based on when you purchase or renew your cloud subscription.

  • For annual Cloud subscription purchases or renewals dated between July 1, 2022 PT and June 30, 2023 PT:
    • Jira Software Cloud, Jira Service Management Cloud, Jira Work Management Cloud, Confluence Cloud, and/or Atlassian-built apps: 20% discount from the list price in effect at the time.
  • Annual Cloud subscription purchases and renewals dated after June 30, 2023 PT will not get a discount and will be at the list price in effect at that time.


Are apps included in this cloud loyalty discount offer?

Marketplace Partner apps: It depends on whether the vendor of the app has elected to participate in this offer. Marketplace Partners have the ability to offer loyalty discounts, subject to the loyalty discount offer terms established by Atlassian. To qualify for the discount, the non-Atlassian apps must be purchased at the same time as an Atlassian cloud product that qualifies for the loyalty discount. The loyalty discount will not be applied to future app purchases.

Atlassian-owned apps: The apps listed below are included in our cloud loyalty discount:

  • Insight - Asset Management
  • Questions for Confluence
  • Training for Jira

Have questions? Contact sales for help.

Is this offer available on monthly subscription plans?

No, this offer is only available for annual cloud subscriptions.

Can I get a cloud loyalty discount on top of my Academic license?

Yes, this offer applies to cloud Academic licenses. You will receive the cloud loyalty discount on top of the price of your Academic license.

This offer does not apply to cloud Community licenses.

Can I trial the cloud product before I commit to migrating?

Yes, in fact, it is required to receive the cloud loyalty discount. We offer server and Data Center customers free cloud migration trials for the remainder of the software maintenance of your self-managed license. Learn more about our free cloud migration trials.

To activate your free cloud migration trial, billing and technical contacts can:

  1. Log in to
  2. Locate the server/Data Center license you want to start a trial for (expand the license details panel if not fully visible)
  3. Below the product history section, locate the Extended cloud trial offer box
  4. Review the offer details and click Start my trial
Can I trial any cloud plan? Can I change plans during the trial?

Yes, when you create the free cloud migration trial, your cloud site will default to Cloud Standard. However, you can change the product plan to Cloud Premium by going to AdministrationBillingManage Subscriptions. You can change plans at any time, and as many times you wish during the trial. However, if you would like to change your plan to Cloud Enterprise, please contact sales.

Can I continue to run my server or Data Center instance after I’ve migrated to the cloud service?

Once you migrate and make payment on your Atlassian cloud site, your cloud subscription will begin and your server or Data Center license(s) renewal status will update to "not renew".

Your server installed keys are perpetual so you will have access to them forever but the software maintenance will not be renewed. Your Data Center instance will be discontinued at the end of the remaining subscription term, so we highly recommend you migrate your data from your Data Center instance before the expiration date.

Can I get cloud loyalty discount pricing if I want to start a new cloud site not associated with my existing server/Data Center products?

No, this special discount can only be applied to when migrating from a server/Data Center product to a cloud subscription. Any additional cloud sites will be at current list prices.

If I upgrade plans or user tiers, what pricing should I expect? How will my future renewals be affected?

When you renew, add users to your subscription, or upgrade the plan of your cloud product, the cloud loyalty discount will apply based on the date the transaction occurs. The loyalty discount will be applied to the tier upgrade annual price current at that time.


  • A customer purchases a qualifying Jira Software Cloud subscription on June 1, 2023 PT, through June 1, 2024 PT, with a 20% discount. They decide to increase their user tier by 200 users on July 1, 2023 PT. The list price of the additional users will not be discounted.
  • A customer purchases 2 years of Jira Software Cloud on July 1, 2022 PT, through June 30, 2024 PT, with a 20% discount. They decide to increase their user tier by 2,000 users on January 1, 2024 PT. The list price for the user tier upgrade will not be discounted. The renewal on July 1, 2024 PT, would be at the list price.
How can I lock in the current cloud subscription price and/or the current cloud loyalty discount rate?

You can lock in the current cloud subscription price and/or the current cloud loyalty discount rate by purchasing a 12- or 24-month cloud subscription.

If I purchase an annual cloud subscription and I need to downgrade my plan or user tier, will I get a refund or credit?

You can schedule an plan downgrade at any time from the Manage Subscriptions page in your cloud site. The downgrade will take effect at the next renewal.

At the next renewal, you can also reduce user/agent tiers. Refunds for annual cloud subscriptions are available within 30 days of payment, after 30 days we cannot offer refunds. To request a refund within 30 days of payment, please contact sales.

How many years will I get this discount?

Upon initial eligibility, you will continue to get the discount in subsequent years for all renewals before July 1, 2023, as long as the subscription is maintained continuously, and the renewals are for 12 or 24 months.

Based on when the renewals are dated, the discount will change.

I purchased a 24-month cloud subscription in 2021 with a loyalty discount, will I see a bill change in July 2022?

Because your 24-month subscription has not expired, you will not see a change on your bill in July 2022. You will see a change on your bill upon your next renewal at the end of your 24-month subscription per the discount schedule outlined above.