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Build the case for cloud migration with our cloud business case toolkit

Convincing your organization to make the move to cloud requires some upfront research - and we’re here to help.

You’ve likely begun this journey to cloud because you uncovered a gap in the way your team is working, you know your teams' resources can be better allocated to high-impact initiatives, or best case, leadership has a cloud strategy mandate. No matter how you got here, you’re still required to make the business case for moving from Atlassian’s self-managed products to Atlassian cloud products - and we’re here to help.

Download the cloud business case toolkit for a bundle of assets to help you communicate the value of Atlassian cloud, including understanding total cost of ownership and ROI and how Atlassian’s cloud products can support your business objectives.

Full toolkit details

Toolkit assets

Business case checklists

Put the pieces of your business case together with a step by step checklist. Go above and beyond with a recommendation for your cloud migration plan.

Email templates

Highlight the need for a move to cloud with your stakeholders, and send a follow-up email after your presentation with actionable next steps and takeaways.

Presentation template

Communicate the value of Atlassian’s cloud products with an overview of cloud features and benefits, and how they tie back to your organization’s business objectives and goals.