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Assess your requirements for cloud

Complete a pre-migration assessment to ensure a smooth journey to cloud.

Cover your bases with the MAGIC 5

After assisting countless teams with their cloud migrations, we’ve identified a few areas that deserve a closer look during assessment. To remember these 5 key topics, we use a mnemonic device: MAGIC.

MAGIC outlines the steps for assessing your team’s needs to identify and mitigate potential friction points and get to cloud faster.

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Elements of a complete cloud assessment

Migration strategy

Apps and integrations

Growth and scalability

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Identity management

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Compliance and security

For migrations with higher user counts (over 1000), Atlassian will go through this process with you. Get in touch with our sales team for tailored advice.

After assessing, learn how to migrate with our guide

Build your migration plan

Determine your Cloud requirements

Audit your current apps

77 out of our top 100 Server apps are available in Cloud, and we’re adding more each week. Use our Cloud Migration Assistants to understand your Server app landscape and app availability in Cloud.

Determine your timeline

With the majority of our investments in Cloud, there’s always more to come. See when we've delivered certain product, security, and compliance features in Cloud and what's up next.

Understand the migration process

Part of your decision involves understanding what steps are involved in the migration process so you can establish your complexity, level of support required, timeline, and resourcing needs.

Time to value with Atlassian Cloud

37% less than six months, 75% less than three months, 89% less than six months

Calculate your costs in Cloud

The majority of our customers realize the benefits of Cloud fewer than 3 months after migrating. See how much time and money you could save by moving to Cloud.

Compare Cloud and Data Center

Use our detailed table to compare the fundamentals of Cloud and Data Center, including pricing model, security and compliance, availability, user management, and more.

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