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Migrate and manage users in Cloud

Create a cloud identity and access management (IAM) plan to seamlessly manage users and set your migration up for success.

Assess your identity migration strategy

Before you get started, learn about the user management differences across Data Center and Cloud to help you map out your migration strategy.

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Evaluate your organization’s cloud IAM strategy

Involve your IT or identity team early on in the process to fully understand your current identity landscape and compliance requirements. This approach can help your organization stay aligned on its cloud IAM strategy.

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Explore Atlassian Guard for identity management

Atlassian Guard provides an extension from your identity provider to the Atlassian Cloud for improved user experience and security controls. Organizations can address corporate IT requirements including single sign-on (SSO), authentication policies, or SCIM provisioning and deprovisioning.

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Develop your identity migration plan

Learn about new features

Begin your evaluation by learning about Atlassian organizations,  Atlassian accounts, and how user groups and permissions are migrated.

Install your Cloud Migration Assistant

The Cloud Migration Assistant simplifies how you move your users from Data Center to Cloud, providing visibility into what users and groups already exist in your cloud site.

Get started on your journey

Once in the cloud, you’ll need to verify your domain(s) and complete the user claim process to manage accounts within your domain. We also recommend reviewing documentation on managing users.

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Planning a complex migration?

If your organization has unique or complex requirements, contact us for help getting started on your migration journey.

Take a zero trust approach to manage identities in the cloud

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Never trust, always verify

Just as security threats are evolving, so is the need for modernizing your approach to IAM. A key tenant of zero trust is “never trust, always verify” or all interactions with an organization must be authenticated. This is a departure from previous IAM approaches, which trusted interactions behind a firewall on-premises.

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Why zero trust matters in Cloud

Cloud migrations create new opportunities to provide users with the flexibility to interact with your organization from anywhere at any time. This improved flexibility requires an updated approach to effectively secure these distributed interactions with sensitive data. Taking a zero trust approach to managing identities in the cloud can help your organization reduce risk while improving user experience.

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A new approach to user authentication

Whether they’re logging in from the office or a coffee shop, zero trust requires users to authenticate their identity so that the organization can confirm the right users have access to their data. Routine reauthorization also helps reduce risky behavior by prompting verification with each new access request.

Resources to support your migration

A Cloud migration can take time and careful planning, but our team is dedicated to your success. 

Supported identity providers

Some Atlassian Guard features, such as SCIM user provisioning and single sign-on, require a third-party identity provider.

Configure SSO

Step up identity management in the cloud by enabling single sign-on (SSO) with Atlassian Guard.

Flattening nested groups

Nested groups are used to recreate organizations within your directory. Be sure to understand this common migration challenge and how to avoid it.

Larger user base

If you have over 2,000 users, we recommend reading this documentation for additional migration guidance.

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Stay updated with the Cloud Roadmap

While assessing your migration, subscribe to our Cloud Roadmap to learn about new IAM capabilities.


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