Jira Studio is Atlassian’s hosted, fully – integrated suite of tools for development teams that want to focus on building great software without the hassle of building and maintaining tool infrastructure.
With the 2.0 release, Jira Studio now includes fully-integrated:

Jira Studio is much more than the sum of it’s parts, thanks to some clever integrations. Unified search results are available, allowing you to search everything in Studio (issues, code, wiki, reviews, builds) from a single field. Activity streams and OpenSocial dashboards let you create insightful views into your project and share them with anyone in your organisation.

Connect via the Web or Your IDE

Jira Studio fully supports the Atlassian Connector for Eclipse and Atlassian Connector for IntelliJ. Manage your issues, code reviews and builds without context-switching out of the IDE.

Import your Existing Source and Issues

Have an existing Subversion repository or issue tracker? Atlassian will import your existing source and issues (Jira or any other tracker) at no cost.

FREE 30-Day Trial, Still just $25/user/month!

Anyone can try Jira Studio free for 30 days. No credit card is required, and you’ll have full access to our world-class support team!

Jira Studio 2.0 Released – Now including Bamboo Continuous Integration and Jira 4!