Opsgenie + ServiceNow

With Opsgenie's ServiceNow integration you can automate, and customize your teams incident management process.

Alert management with ServiceNow Opsgenie integration

ServiceNow integration diagram

ServiceNow Approved

Opsgenie's bidirectional integration is listed in the ServiceNow Store.

Simplify Your Workflow

Use Action Mapping to manage all ServiceNow incidents and corresponding Opsgenie alerts from one tool. Assign, acknowledge, and close alerts from ServiceNow. ServiceNow incidents can be assigned, updated, or closed automatically from Opsgenie. Easily sync teams and user groups between Opsgenie and ServiceNow without having to switch between the tools.

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Flexible Notification Policies

Opsgenie notifies the right team members of an alert in their name via phone call, SMS, email or iOS and Android push notifications.

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Create and Coordinate your Incident Response

Opsgenie can forward alerts and incidents to collaboration tools such as: Slack, HipChat, MS Teams, and can create conference bridges to begin the process of fixing an open incident.

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