Meet JIRA Software

The #1 software development tool used by agile teams

JIRA Software is Atlassian's first purpose-built experience designed specifically for software teams. By merging JIRA's powerful workflow engine with the most important elements of agile development, like flexible scrum and kanban boards, and real-time reporting, JIRA Software sets a new standard for great software development.

JIRA Software also connects to all the developer tools that you use, making it the single source of truth for every step in your software project. We've redesigned the sidebar so that real-time information about every phase of your development–planning, tracking, releasing, and reporting–is always one click away.

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Take visibility to new heights

Whether your team uses scrum, kanban, or a mixed methodology, JIRA Software supports the agile framework that matches the way your team works. It even connects to your favorite developer tools so that you can engage in code reviews, see build status, and follow software deployment status, all from your team's board. 

Release with confidence

To bring some sanity back into your release process, JIRA Software includes Release Hub: a single dashboard that provides teams with real-time visibility into the status and progress of an upcoming releases. Release Hub mitigates risks, replaces status meetings, and provides a more confident and stress-free release process. 

Never stop iterating

Because great teams constantly evaluate how they work together and how they can improve, JIRA Software comes out-of-the-box with a host of reports to monitor team activity. From burndown charts to sprint health gadgets, JIRA Software provides all the data that your team needs to iterate and deliver better software. 

Make JIRA Software your own

Use JIRA Software's new sidebar to create shortcuts to everything from your team's Spotify playlist to helpful Stack overflow articles to requirement specs in Confluence. Having these important links in the sidebar keeps everything related to your software team's project exactly where it should be: just one click away. 

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