What's new in JIRA 6.4

Release with confidence and sanity 

JIRA 6.4 gives teams real-time visibility into the progress and status of upcoming releases with the all new Release Hub. Release Hub generates one accurate, up-to-date picture of true release readiness and flags items that need to be addressed.

From admins to new team members, JIRA 6.4 has something for everyone. In addition to Release Hub, our new workflow validator streamlines workflow management like never before. And with a brand new onboarding experience, new team members will be up to speed in no time. All this (and more!) in JIRA 6.4.

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Pre-built system filters

Ensure complete is complete

Release Hub is deeply integrated with all the developer tools that your team already knows and loves. A code-aware JIRA is able to ensure best development practices by highlighting unreviewed code, open reviews, unmerged pull requests, and failing builds. With JIRA, release readiness is tracked from the beginning of every project, so when the release date rolls around, you know your code is ready for prime time.

Work with maximum context

Teams can now resolve JIRA issues even faster with real-time communication in HipChat. From new features to critical issues, HipChat makes it easy to collaborate with your team in real-time and reach done in a snap. With project-specific rooms for build status, code commits, high priority issues, and new versions, all the information you need about any JIRA project is always in a single location and at your fingertips.

Validate workflows in a click

JIRA administrators now have all new tools to help troubleshoot and debug workflows. The new workflow validator quickly scans and identifies potential problems in any workflow, saving admins countless hours of debugging. This new tool also highlights statuses with no exit path and unreachable states, and exposes permission and validation errors in real-time. 

Get started quickly

Getting up and running in JIRA is now easier than ever and with a brand new onboarding experience new team members will be JIRA pros in no time. A simplified, customized onboarding process helps new users set up their account and become familiar with important JIRA basics so that they can spend less time familiarizing themselves with JIRA and more time on what's important: The project at hand.

New in JIRA 6.3

Spend time where it counts

Developers, spend time doing what you love: writing code. JIRA 6.3 integrates with Stash and Bitbucket like never before to keep your issues up to date so you don't have to. Administrators can configure JIRA to automatically transition issues as developers create branches, commit code, and approve pull requests. Less overhead means more time for building products.

New in JIRA 6.2

Follow code from branch to deployment

Developers can now easily follow issues from creation to completion right from within JIRA. Create a branch, see commits and pull requests, and monitor builds and deployments – all without ever leaving JIRA. JIRA 6.2 makes development more visible than ever before for everyone on your team.

New in JIRA 6.1

Unlock your team's success

The best teams understand their unique work culture and capitalize on custom workflows that suit their needs. JIRA 6.1 introduces a new, modern workflow designer that makes visualizing, creating, and editing workflows a breeze. Our new workflow designer was built for the latest HTML5 standards, making it more responsive than ever, and with full-screen mode you'll always have more than enough room to work. 

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