What's New In JIRA 6.2

Visualize development

Unify issues and source like never before

Developers can now easily follow issues from creation to completion right from within JIRA. Create a branch, see commits and pull requests, and watch builds and deployments – all without ever leaving JIRA. Development has never been this visible for everyone on your team.

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Ship with confidence

Software development is the most collaborative human endeavor today. Teams of people deliver innovation to market.  Coming up to speed on a new issue is now just a click away with JIRA 6.2.

JIRA makes it easy to see who the key participants are in an issue and neatly organizes everything they need to get work done.  Developers can see all the details of an issue on one screen, and can start development right from JIRA. Code reviewers have all the context of the issue and links to the implementing code, while QA engineers can see build status and deployment environment.

Pre-built system filters

See status clearly

Status is the heartbeat of an issue, so JIRA 6.2 ships with simpler, text-based status indicators, making it easy to see the up-to-date status of any item in JIRA. In addition to an issue's status, JIRA's new development features use the same indicators for pull requests and branches.

Issue status indicators use three primary colors to indicate the phase of work: To do, In progress, and Done.  The new status indicators make it easy to see the distribution of work scanning issues in JIRA's list view.

Optimize workflows for every team

Workflow empowers teams to get more done as they scale their work. JIRA administrators can now easily customize workflows for each issue type, right inside of the project configuration. 

When making changes to a project, JIRA administrators can see exactly which projects and issue types will be affected by their changes, so changes can be made with full confidence and understanding,

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