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Rapid innovation to make Jira faster, more user friendly, and more powerful


Globally, tens of thousands of software teams depend on Jira Software to plan, track, and ship their work. We are rapidly shipping new, innovative features to make using Jira Software easier while increasing its power. This product roadmap encompasses where our customers tell us they are going next, and the features we need to build to help them get there.

A vast majority of agile teams utilize the scrum and kanban templates, and within these templates, have a choice about how they are administered. Company-managed tempates are setup and maintained by Jira admins, and ideal for teams who work with other teams across many projects in a standardized way. Team-managed templates are administered at the project level and are ideal for independent teams who want to control their own working processes and practices in a self-contained space.

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This page shows a curated selection of features we’ve released and upcoming features on our roadmap. All forward looking items are subject to change.


待办事项列表中的快速操作 Team-Managed



Search, sort, and modify issues with a more powerful project issue navigator Team-Managed

Enjoy a more intuitive and faster issue search experience with a more robust project issue navigator: in addition to text search, you can now filter by Assignee, Reporter, Status, and Issue Type.

List view in issue navigator for a quick overview

Our new list view, available in both next-gen and classic project templates, helps you get an overview of all the issues in your project in a simple table that can be easily filtered, sorted, and exported. Read on to see what this new functionality allows you to do (better) that you couldn’t do before.

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List view screenshot

Plan the big picture with roadmaps for classic projects

Sketch out the big picture, communicate plans with stakeholders, and ensure your roadmap connects to your team's work - all in a few clicks in Jira Software Cloud.

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Full Hierarchy

Backlog planning better than ever in Jira Cloud for Mac

Grooming your backlog and planning your sprints can be done easily in the Mac app.

Backlogs now display:

  • Assignee avatars
  • Story points and total points per sprint
  • Quick filters
  • Sprint goals
  • Epics, labels, and status
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Development info all in one place in Jira Cloud for Mac

Mac app expands development info which enables you to complete your agile software development workflow faster and more efficiently – without the need to move between multiple products.

The new ‘glance panel’ within issues enables you to quickly view: branch details, commits, pull requests, builds, reviews. Soon, you’ll be able to go directly to a linked pull request with a single click & more!

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启用代码作为项目导航中的首要因素 Team-Managed

我们已经将代码添加为 Jira Software 项目导航中的首要因素,且包含全新视图,为您和团队提供关于工作的更多上下文。将源代码管理连接至 Jira Software 后,每次团队成员在提交、分支名称或 PR 摘要中包括事务密钥,我们会在页面上自动显示发生活动的代码存储库!团队内的所有人可以看见正在处理的所有代码存储库,组织内的所有人可以从一个地方看见团队接触的代码。


Search smarter

Find what you need faster with upcoming improvements to Jira’s quick search. Soon you'll see more more results with better metadata to help you know you’ve found the right thing. We're also adding personalized quick filters for the people and spaces you work with most.

借助新的长篇故事面板,更好地规划您的待办事项 将于 2020 年推出



轻松清理您已完成工作的看板 Team-Managed



使用键盘快捷键节省时间 Team-Managed



Building a better navigation for Jira Cloud

We are building a new navigation experience that puts the navigation at the top of your screen for a more familiar look and feel. We are also adding many highly requested improvements like adding a dropdown for your favorite dashboards and filters.

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New Jira Cloud Navigation

Share links to specific comments on Jira issues

Speed up your team's communication and collaboration by using permalinks in the new issue view. Soon, you can share and link people to a specific comment or work log item.

2020-4-23 使用项目事务导航器,轻松地搜索、排序和修改事务



让每位团队成员都能对自己的看板视图进行个性化设计 将于 2019 年推出



创建和自定义新一代权限 将于 2020 年推出



Keep your team in the loop with team @mentions

We’re making it easier for you to keep everyone in the loop with team @mentions. Keep your team informed on an issue or notify a team about a bug. You'll be able to @mention a team, just like you would an individual today. 

借助新一代项目中的版本信息,更好地了解发布准备情况 Team-Managed



从 Jira 路线图入手对工作进行细分 将于 2019 年推出

现在,只需在 Jira 路线图中单击一次,即可创建更小的工作项目。单击次数更少、完成工作更多,从而提升团队工作效率


通过 Jira 路线图,了解事务是如何逐步发展到全局的 Team-Managed



2019-12-8 使用新段落字段捕获详细信息 Team-Managed



2019-11-19 重新构想冲刺燃尽图 Team-Managed



Control the privacy of comments on Jira issues

Exercise more control over who can see specific comments on Jira issues, whether that’s only admins or people in a specific role. 

*Available only in classic templates

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Create a scalable layout for Jira issues with many fields

We’ve made the Jira issue more accessible for customers who have many fields with our new 'field tabs'* feature, which enables you to group multiple fields together in small folders. Learn more

*Available only in classic templates

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New, robust functionality in Jira Cloud for Mac

Last October we launched Jira Cloud for Mac, a new, snappy, and simple way to use Jira. We will be rolling out three exciting features in early 2020:

  • Developer tool status: commits, pull requests, builds and/or deployments information will be visible on the issue view, so additional action can be taken if necessary.
  • Monitor progress of releases: teams can now track productivity in Jira Cloud for Mac by monitoring the progress of their releases.
  • Measure and monitor: burndown, velocity, and cumulative flow diagram reports are all coming soon.

Empower every user to customize email notifications

Enable everyone on your team to customize email notifications from Jira Software, so they only get updates about the issues they want.  

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Navigate to work you need to find faster on the 'Your work' page

Find and resume the work you care about most on the 'Your work' page. Soon, you'll be able can access the five most-recent projects you've visited. Dive straight into your board with a single click. Or, see all your assigned work with the 'My open issues' filter.

Create unique security levels in Jira’s new issue view

Make sure only the stakeholders you choose are able to view specific work items by creating granular security permissions for Jira issues.

*Available only in classic templates

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Creating unique security levels on Jira's new issue view

Enjoy faster load times with new Jira performance improvements

Performance is an ongoing journey in which we continue to invest. We’ve recently shipped some meaningful updates:

  • The navigation sidebar now loads 2x faster.
  • Jira’s project directory now loads 10x faster.
  • Next-gen boards load 1.5x faster.
  • Next-gen backlogs loads 1.8x faster.

You’ll continue to see and experience performance improvements across Jira Cloud in the quarters ahead.

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Find what you need more seamlessly with new navigation enhancements

We’re constantly fine-tuning Jira’s navigation to make it faster and easier to find what you need.

  • We’ve added a new page into Jira called 'Your work' to help you more easily find items you’ve previously viewed or starred as well as incomplete issues that are assigned to you.
  • We’ve recently added links within the navigation, in the starred and recent drawers, to help you quickly jump to 'view all' of your boards, projects, filters, or dashboards.
  • We’ve added breadcrumbs towards the top of the screen so you can easily find your way back to where you were previously in the product.
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Introducing the native Jira Mac app featuring Dark Mode

We’re introducing a native desktop app for customers using a Mac. The desktop app is fast and nimble companion app for people that want to manage their workflow right on their desktop. The app has been designed with ease and simplicity in mind, so finding and switching projects has never been more seamless. Users will also enjoy all the benefits of a native application in MacOS, including customizable push notifications.

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New Jira Mac app

2019-9-9 使用新的累积流量图确定工作流中的瓶颈 Team-Managed



2019-9-9 记录新一代事务的时间 Team-Managed


In the works

Developer tool links and panels Jira Cloud for Mac

View and interact with third party developer tools directly from the Mac app without navigating between multiple products.

You soon will be able to access all of your dev-tool information directly from linked issues in the app, including pull requests, commits, repositories, and builds – right down to specific code within individual branches saves time and moves work forward faster.

More powerful searches with custom fields in issue navigator

Run powerful searches with custom fields in the issue navigator.

We are expanding a set of field that you will be able to search with: labels, resolution, priority, and a few others will be added to the issue navigator. Using these fields you can further refine your searches, which will save your time and make you more efficient when you work in your projects.

View dashboards in iOS, Android and Mac apps!

Viewing and sharing dashboards with your team, stakeholders, and leadership is about to get a whole lot easier.

Soon you will be able to access your Jira dashboards from your devices. Quickly see an overview of tasks, track progress and achievements, or even spot bottlenecks even when you are away from your laptop.

包含附加筛选器和待办事项列表的更精确视图 2021 年推出


更加灵活的估算配置 2021 年推出


基于事务类型和列状态映射的工作流 2021 年推出




重新构想工作流编辑器 将于 2020 年推出

在新一代项目中,我们重新考虑了 Jira Software 的许多核心功能,以优化团队的自主权和灵活性。我们将秉承这一理念,并将其引入全新的工作流编辑器中。

在我们的经典模板中,工作流是全局对象,这意味着您可以让它们在多个项目中保持一致。这对于在多个团队中扩展特定工作流非常有用,但是,由于任何更改都会影响多个 Jira 项目,因此需要由管理员来管理所有更改。



了解交付成果,何时在 Jira 中部署 将于 2020 年推出

我们创建了新的部署 体验,以便您和团队、组织可以了解交付成果的价值和时间。通过连接 CI/CD 工具,您可以使用此新视图跟踪您的功能位于交付管道的哪一节,从而决定何时可以交付客户。