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Core experiences

Improvements to administration, navigation, the Jira issue, and more


Whether your organization is using classic project types, next-gen project types or a mix of both, we’ve recently made and will continue to make Jira faster, more user friendly, and more powerful.  

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This page shows a curated selection of features we’ve released and upcoming features on our roadmap. All forward looking items are subject to change.


Create unique security levels in Jira’s new issue view

Make sure only the stakeholders you choose are able to view specific work items by creating granular security permissions for Jira issues.

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*Available only in classic templates

Creating unique security levels on Jira's new issue view

Take advantage of user experience updates to Jira’s new issue view

In 2018 we introduced a new Jira issue view that we optimized for a better user experience. Since then we’ve been listening to customer feedback and continuing to evolve it.

We’ve made the Jira issue more accessible for customers who have many fields with our new 'field tabs'* feature, which enables you to group multiple fields together in small folders. Learn more

We’ve also made it so you can easily link to Confluence pages right within the issue so documentation and more context are never further than a click away.

*Available only in classic templates

Jira's new issue view

Enjoy faster load times with new Jira performance improvements

Performance is an ongoing journey in which we continue to invest. We’ve recently shipped some meaningful updates:

  • The navigation sidebar now loads 2x faster.
  • Jira’s project directory now loads 10x faster.
  • Next-gen boards load 1.5x faster.
  • Next-gen backlogs loads 1.8x faster.

You’ll continue to see and experience performance improvements across Jira Cloud in the quarters ahead.

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Find what you need more seamlessly with new navigation enhancements

We’re constantly fine-tuning Jira’s navigation to make it faster and easier to find what you need.


We’ve added a new page into Jira called 'Your work' to help you more easily find items you’ve previously viewed or starred as well as incomplete issues that are assigned to you.


We are building a new navigation experience that puts the navigation at the top of your screen for a more familiar look and feel. We are also adding many highly requested improvements like adding a dropdown for your favorite dashboards and filters.

  • We’ve recently added links within the navigation, in the starred and recent drawers, to help you quickly jump to 'view all' of your boards, projects, filters, or dashboards.
  • We’ve added breadcrumbs towards the top of the screen so you can easily find your way back to where you were previously in the product.
New navigation enhancements on Jira
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Try the fast and intuitive brand new Jira Mac app

We’re introducing a native desktop app for customers using a Mac. The desktop app is fast and nimble companion app for people that want to manage their workflow right on their desktop. The app has been designed with ease and simplicity in mind, so finding and switching projects has never been more seamless. Users will also enjoy all the benefits of a native application in MacOS, including customizable push notifications.

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New Jira Mac app
In the works

Empower every user to customize notifications Coming in 2020

We’ll be introducing filters to help you get the most out notifications from Jira Software, so you only get updates about the issues that you want.

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