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Request Management

Jira Service Desk helps your IT team provide a world-class service experience and ensures employees can find the information they need to get help quickly.

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Self-service portal

Empower your employees to find answers to common questions using a self-service portal. They can leverage a knowledge base that intelligently surfaces relevant articles based on what they search for. Or easily submit requests for help. Configure the portal to match your brand.

Knowledge base

Add Confluence to Jira Service Desk to get an integrated knowledge base that makes it easy to unlock and share information across your organization. Unique features like @ mentions, collaborative editing, and macros make working together easy.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Set as many SLA policies as needed to keep track of deadlines based on elapsed time or request categories. Easily resolve requests based on priorities, and use automated escalation rules to notify the right team members to prevent SLA breaches. 

Agent queues

Get easily configurable queues that agents can use to prioritize, triage, and assign incoming requests.

CSAT reporting

Measure customer satisfaction to help you better understand your customers and improve service levels. Jira Service Desk provides a simple, built-in mechanism to collect customer feedback.

Incident Management

Quickly respond to, resolve, and continuously learn from incidents while keeping all your stakeholders in the loop.

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Set up custom automation rules or use built-in rules to handle all your manual tasks. Escalate, assign, prioritize, categorize, or close incidents using automation.

Incident alerts

Use Opsgenie to easily manage the on-call schedules of multiple teams. Route alerts to the right people. Notify responders using multiple channels. Automatically escalate alerts until action is taken and swarm on incidents as a coordinated team.

Incident communication

Manage a transparent communications process with your stakeholders that builds trust with every incident using the Statuspage integration.

200+ integrations

Opsgenie integrates with hundreds of the best monitoring, workflow, and collaboration tools. Paired with a flexible rules engine, Opsgenie notifies the right people on-call, enabling them to take rapid action.

Post-incident reviews

Track and analyze all response activities in Jira Service Desk and Opsgenie. Identify areas of success and opportunities to improve and record that information in Confluence to share with stakeholders.

Problem Management

Keep the impact of incidents to a minimum, record information about problems and workarounds, and help agents get to the root cause.

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Root cause analysis

Link problem tickets to incident tickets to identify any recurring issues and start investigating the root cause.

Link to dev backlog

Leveraging the Jira platform, IT teams can see what software teams have in their backlog that may be related to the problem.


Run reports to identify metrics such as the number of incidents associated with a problem record, top problems per month, and more.

Change Management

Improve the flow of changes to infrastructure and services while minimizing risk to your organization and speeding up service delivery.

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Change approvals

Configure change approvals based on type of change, consistent with the procedures set by your change-advisory board (CAB).

Configurable workflows

Easily set up your workflows to support all of your automated ITSM processes, removing bottlenecks and connecting your people and systems seamlessly.

Release & deployment

Once a change is approved for implementation in Jira Service Desk, create a linked issue in the developer’s backlog in Jira Software to quickly and thoroughly push a fix through with ease.

Change plans

Create a change document in Confluence to record the communication plan, risk assessment, and implementation tasks.

Configuration management

Connect Mindville's Insight (now by Atlassian) a configuration management database (CMDB) to manage all data important to your organization including: software, hardware, facilities, people, contracts, and more. Quickly understand the dependencies and the impact of the change right from Jira Service Desk. 

Change schedule

Integrate with a calendar app from the Marketplace to look at upcoming schedules and easily identify a window free of conflicts or black out dates.

Asset Management

Connect Mindville's Insight (now by Atlassian) to reference, track, and tie requests with assets directly from Jira Service Desk. 

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IT asset tracking

Use Insight to track all IT assets and tie them to requests inside Jira Service Desk. This gives your teams added context to reduce investigation and resolution time. 


Best of breed integrations

Integrate Jira Service Desk with Insight as your CMDB so you can report on business-critical information, increase efficieny, reduce support costs, and maximize the value of your IT asset lifecycle. 

Link to configuration management database

Leveraging Insight, manage all data important to your organization, i.e. software, hardware, facilities, people, contracts, and more.

Knowledge Management

Add Confluence to Jira Service Desk to get an integrated knowledge base that intelligently recommends the right service and learns from every interaction, so answers are easy to find.

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Smart search

Machine learning in Jira Service Desk’s self-service portal makes searching for knowledge articles faster and easier for employees and customers.

Knowledge reports & scoring

Article scoring in Jira Service Desk happens when employees rate articles based on whether it helped them or not. Run “article usage” and “article effectiveness” reports to see which articles deflect the most requests and understand which articles are solving the most problems.

Runbooks & Post-Implementation Reviews (PIRs)

Create runbooks, PIRs and other knowledge-sharing documentation in Confluence and link those to requests in Jira Service Desk so stakeholders are kept in the loop.

Federated knowledge base

When an employee searches for a keyword, the search query pulls from several sources, including service desks, request types, and knowledge base articles.

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