Data Center migration guides

No organization is the same and neither is your migration journey. The key to any good migration is planning.

Guide 3: Deploy in a non-clustered architecture

Now that you’ve reviewed the Getting Started and Planning guides, you are ready to deploy Data Center in a non-clustered environment.

Review and upgrade your apps

Before you deploy non-clustered Data Center, you need to review you apps and upgrade to a Data Center version when possible. If you migrate to Data Center before you upgrade your apps, they may stop working.

Upgrade your license

Migrating to Data Center in a non-clustered environment is very simple and enables you to immediately use enterprise features and capabilities that don’t require clustering.

To migrate, complete the following steps:

  1. Open your existing server product and navigate to the Administration menu.
  2. Select License details > Update License.
  3. Enter your new Data Center license key and you’re all set!
Confluence screenshot

Remember, you can always come back and set up your Data Center products in a cluster when you’re ready.

To learn more about administering Data Center, check out our resources.