Due to vulnerability CVE-2023-22522, customers must patch or upgrade certain versions of Confluence Data Center and Server as soon as possible. Full details are available in the Critical Security Advisory. In case of questions please Contact Support.

Support for Server licenses ended on February 15, 2024. Starting from Confluence 8.6, new releases support only Data Center licenses.


If you try to upgrade to Confluence 8.6 or later with your Server license, you’ll be asked for a valid Data Center license, or you’ll need to downgrade to the version you were on before the upgrade. To remain supported, we recommend upgrading to Data Center or migrating to Cloud.


To upgrade to a Confluence bugfix release shipped after February 15, 2024, you'll need a valid Data Center license or extended Server support with dual licensing.

Confluence Data Center download archives

This page lists all versions of Confluence Data Center available for download. Older versions may no longer be supported by Atlassian; please see our end-of-life policy for details.

Note: Documentation may refer to features in the latest version.

Long Term Support release


Latest release


Managing a large or complex instance? Find out if Long Term Support releases are right for your team. Learn more.

Long Term Support releases

These are designated feature releases that will continue to receive backported security updates and critical bug fixes throughout the standard 2-year support window. This allows you to get the maximum value from our continuous product development without strictly keeping up with the frequent release cadence.


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