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AI-powered virtual agent

The Jira Service Management virtual agent with Atlassian Intelligence automates support interactions right from within Slack to free up agent time and deliver exceptional service at scale.

Supercharge your service frontline by automating Tier 1 support issues

With a built-in AI engine that leverages best-in-class Natural Language Processing, the Jira Service Management virtual agent delights agents and help-seekers alike with fast, conversational support.

Atlassian assist virtual agent helping a customer in Slack

Free up agent time to focus on the work that matters

Deflect repetitive requests and allow your team to focus on more important work. Create custom intents or tap into the power of your existing knowledge base to instantly automate Tier 1 support workflows. For complex issues that need a human touch, route tickets to the right team with pre-gathered context.

Delight help seekers with 24/7 self-service support

Meet your help seekers where they already work in Slack to deliver fast, always-on service. Employees can get personalized help at any time, without ever having to leave their favorite collaboration tools.

Atlassian Assist replying to a customer in Slack with IT help
Setting automation flow for Atlassian Assist's virtual agent

Get started with AI quickly to deliver value fast

Easily set up the virtual agent, regardless of technical know-how – no coding, data science, or costly consultants required. Take advantage of out-of-the-box knowledge base answers and pre-built templates to begin supporting your employees instantly.

Virtual agent features

Intent templates

Streamline intent creation using templates based on common issues and your historical ticket data.

Atlassian Intelligence answers beta

Respond to requests using generative AI, powered by your knowledge base and Atlassian Intelligence.

Automated web requests

Cut down on escalated tickets by automating common actions like software access or password resets.


Capture powerful insights about your virtual agent’s effectiveness and identify ways to optimize your intents and knowledge base.

Low/no code flow builder

Get started in just a few clicks with a user-friendly interface and out-of-the-box templates.

Conversational interface

Meet your employees where they already work in Slack.


What are intents?

Intents in Jira Service Management represent a specific question, request, or problem that the virtual agent might be able to resolve for a help seeker, for example, VPN troubleshooting or a software access request. When the virtual agent detects an intent in a customer’s message, it asks them to confirm that the intent detected is correct. Once confirmed, the virtual agent starts the conversation flow for that intent.

Admins can create intents manually for any issue, or can use suggested intent templates that come pre-built with basic settings based on historical issue data or common requests for a particular team type.

How do intents differ from Atlassian Intelligence answers?

In the virtual agent, there are two core ways to automate requests: intents and Atlassian Intelligence answers. Intents, which can be created manually or by the virtual agent via suggested templates, are great for requests that require information collection and triaging, guided troubleshooting, and/or an automated action via web request. When a customer sends a message, the virtual agent will always first try to match it to any existing intents. If no intents match, it’ll try to answer the question using Atlassian Intelligence answers.

Atlassian Intelligence answers uses generative AI to search across your linked knowledge base spaces and answer your customer questions without needing to create an intent. Atlassian Intelligence answers is ideal for customer questions that:

  • Can be resolved by providing information or instructions
  • Are covered in (or can be added to) your existing knowledge base articles
  • Don’t usually need to be escalated to a human agent
How do I set up Atlassian Intelligence answers for the virtual agent?

Some AI-powered features in Jira Service Management, like Atlassian Intelligence answers, require you to activate Atlassian Intelligence at before accessing them. To use Atlassian Intelligence answers in the virtual agent, an administrator will need to opt-in to enable Atlassian Intelligence for each Atlassian site and/or product managed by your organization. You do NOT need to enable Atlassian Intelligence to use virtual agent intents.

On which plans is the virtual agent available?

The Jira Service Management virtual agent is generally available in Slack with the Premium and Enterprise Editions of Jira Service Management. These capabilities are included at no extra charge for up to 1000 assisted conversations per month. Learn more about usage limits.

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