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Enterprise Service Management, powered by Jira Service Management

IT isn’t the only part of your business that can benefit from a service mindset. With Jira Service Management, teams across the enterprise can deliver great service, fast. 

Empower every team to be a service team

Whether it’s for facilities, HR, legal, marketing, and beyond, all kinds of teams use Jira Service Management to deliver great service.

Support software

Get started fast

With templates for every use case, teams can easily spin up service desks that fit their unique requirements. Set up workflows with a drag and drop editor. Customize forms to collect the information you need to take action without the back and forth. 

Ensure employees can get help quickly

Meet your customers where they are - email, web, or chat - and prioritize incoming requests with queues and SLAs. Or, configure an intuitive self-service portal so your employees have one place to find help fast. 

Jira Service Management projects

Standardize on a platform for all teams

Enable every team to shape processes to fit their needs, while unlocking collaboration and maintaining centralized visibility. Requests for things like software access, legal review, and facilities repairs are routed to the right teams for rapid resolution.  

Thousands of customers use Jira Service Management beyond IT

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Archivado de proyectos e incidencias

Archiva proyectos e incidencias cuando ya no se necesiten para gestionar mejor el crecimiento y el rendimiento.

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Knowledge management

Empower employees to find answers to common questions using a self-service portal. Leverage Confluence as a knowledge base that surfaces relevant articles to deflect requests.

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Advanced forms

Leverage ProForma’s no-code/low-code form builder and provide dynamic forms that only surface the relevant fields to your employees. Draw on 300+ pre-built form templates to quickly collect and validate all the information you need about a request. 

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Delegated administration permissions

Democratize service management by delegating administration permissions to project owners. Increase autonomy while maintaining visibility and control.

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Conversational ticketing

Halp users can create a two-way sync between conversations in Slack or Microsoft Teams and Jira Service Management. Employees never have to leave chat tools to get the help they need, and agents get all the information they need right in Jira Service Management.

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Asset and configuration management

Insight’s flexible and open data structure allows teams to manage assets and resources important to their practices. Customers manage everything from servers to fleets, fish, insurance, and pianos. 

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Empower any team to be a service team - from HR, legal, marketing, and more

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