Collaboration is near and dear to our hearts here at Atlassian. Collaboration, for us, is not just about sharing documents and communication in Hipchat and Confluence, but it’s in the DNA of all our products. In Jira Service Desk, Atlassian’s IT Service Desk offering, collaboration is critical to solving IT tickets faster.

Tier 1 IT agents often run up against incidents they aren’t familiar with and need to get help from more experienced agents or managers. It’s quicker to @mention someone in the comment thread of a ticket or request and have them jump into the ticket in real time and provide insights, rather than to escalate the incident and wait for escalation workflows to run their course.

Helping IT teams work more efficiently is just the beginning. Helping employees collaborate across multiple teams has a bigger impact across the organization. In that spirit, we’re constantly working to improve collaboration across our products so that different teams working on separate but related projects can work better together.

A great example of cross-team collaboration is the ability of teams working in Jira (developers) and Jira Service Desk (IT) to work together to solve incidents. Why is this important? Often, tickets that make their way to the IT Service Desk are rooted in bugs and new feature requests that are tracked in a development team’s backlog. For example, a ticket in Jira Service Desk could be related to a bug in a homegrown finance system that’s tracked in Jira.


Collaboration between IT agents and development staff through comment threads is a great way to solve tickets faster. And with integration between the two products, it’s easier for agents to give business users the level of visibility and communication they need on upcoming fixes and enhancements.

Visibility between IT and software teams is one of the many areas we touch on in Solve Tickets, Fix Problems with Jira + Jira Service Desk, a recorded 20-minute webinar. Watch the presentation for more on connecting IT and development, as told by one of Jira Service Desk’s principal product managers.


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