If there’s one thing everyone everywhere can agree on, it’s that we all hate cancer. When we found that MagView, the leader in mammography technology, relies on Jira Service Desk and Hipchat to help their customers–we were thrilled. Helping technology that saves lives is a dream come true for us.

With 40 agents on their service desk, MagView needed a customizable command center to handle the flood of requests coming in from hospitals and clinics. Jira Service Desk became a solution, but they needed more. By integrating Jira Service Desk with Hipchat, MagView can monitor critical tickets in real time and answer customers’ questions quickly.

Dave3“When fighting cancer, every second counts. Thanks to the integration between Jira Service Desk and Hipchat, MagView can monitor critical tickets and respond to customers in real time.”

– Dave Wehr, IT Agent, MagView


A view into a chat room automagically pulling ticket updates.

There needs to be room for fun, too. Jira Service Desk helps keep the workflow neat and tidy, while Hipchat adds flexibility and fun to their team:

“We have a room where we can talk about what we are having for lunch and have fun emoticons.”

Since integrating Jira Service Desk and Hipchat, MagView decreased their support backlog by 40%, which is awesome.

By using these Atlassian tools, MagView is getting work completed faster and having a little fun, too. We’re happy to help fight the good fight.

If you want to learn more about how Dave and MagView have set up Hipchat with Jira Service Desk, watch their webinar recap.

Talk soon,

Jira Service Desk team

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