Jira as a ticketing system

We found that roughly 40% of our Jira customers actually use Jira as a type of IT ticketing system. That’s great! Jira has been known to be flexible for software teams developing software and fixing bugs so why not also for service management? The short answer: there is so much more to it. 

The journey into service management

If you’re running a service desk, you might have heard of ITSM, if you haven’t, you need to. IT Service Management is a set of specialized organizational capabilities for providing value to customers in the form of services. 

What if we told you there was a way to supercharge your Jira ticketing solution? Introducing Jira Service Desk, a new service management software that is purpose built for IT and service teams. It enables an agile approach to ITSM so IT can move into the driver’s seat and deliver value back to the business.

A purpose-built service management tool

The secret to great service management is the tool that you use to serve your customers. Customers seeking help must have the simplest and quickest way to reach your support team. On the flip side, your agents need a flexible yet standardized way to organize and respond to requests. Jira Service Desk can fulfill the requirements for both your customers and support teams.

  • Make it easy to ask for help

Instead of sending them straight into your team’s Jira project, staff can access the door to your team through a simple customer portal. Jira Service Desk puts your service catalog front and center for your customers when seeking help. Standardize and simplify the process and everyone wins!


  • Collaborate as a team

Agents, developers, and experts share information and contribute knowledge all within one platform. Think of it as assembling an “A-Team” for every issue that comes your way. All the answers are now more accessible than ever.


  • Prioritize and solve issues based on SLAs

We get it, IT teams are swamped with work. Stop digging through the queue for tickets and let us handle that. SLAs will be able to prioritize your issues so you can focus on what’s important–solving the real problems!


  • Report on the metrics that matter

Dashboards, trends, and live reports. Catch bottlenecks before they impact the team. Jira Service Desk gives you the flexibility to create reports that match the metrics that are important to your team.


Jira Service Desk is the only way to go

If you’re already using Jira for IT requests and ticketing; you’re going to love Jira Service Desk. The features are worth its weight in gold. You can start using Jira Service Desk in two ways once installed. First, service desk features can be enabled for any existing Jira project with existing requests. Pick a project in Jira, turn it on, and you’ll get all the features we mentioned above. Otherwise, Jira Service Desk can help you start a new service desk from scratch with out-of-box request types, workflows, queues, and reports.

Want to learn more? I’ve written a series on the ABCs of Jira Service Desk with tips on how to get started quickly.

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