Since the announcement of priority schemes in Jira Software Server 7.6, the Jira Service Desk team has been working hard to bring priority schemes to Jira Service Desk. Today, we’re super excited to announce the release of Jira Service Desk Server 3.10, with the introduction of priority schemes, better notification management (the #1 voted issue on our public issue tracker) and easier approvals.

Priorities that work for your team

We know that teams have different needs for defining issue priorities within their projects. No two projects are ever the same, and no two teams could ever tackle a problem in the exact same way. An internal IT team focused on stellar service delivery might need to prioritize tickets as low, medium, high and critical, while an ops team working on incidents and customer channels may need customized options such as low risk, medium risk and high risk. In a customer-driven organization with many teams, the list of priorities can grow rapidly and can even cause confusion for users trying to pick the options that apply to their team. In Jira Service Desk Server 3.10, Global Admins have the ability to assign priority schemes per project, creating more clarity for agents to assign the right priority to their tickets, so they can serve their enterprise at scale.

You can set up priority schemes pretty much like mappings — you choose or create the priorities you need in a scheme, and then you map the projects that will use that scheme. You can reuse a priority scheme across multiple projects, or create as many of them as you want — it’s all up to you and your teams!

Account verification no more

For those organizations running email-based service desks, this one’s for you! We know it can be confusing for your customers to receive account verification emails when they raise requests by email, so we have an exciting announcement to make. With over 500 votes, we’re closing the #1 voted issue on our public issue tracker — we’re now giving you the power to disable account verification emails. Thank you for your patience and valuable feedback.   You can learn more about managing your service desk notifications here.

Approvals as easy as pie

As IT agents, we know that streamlining approvals is one of the best ways to resolve tickets faster, so that’s why we’re making the approvals of requests more visible in both the customer portal and service desk project. In Jira Service Desk Server 3.10, all actions involving request approvals will now appear in the new approvals section on the right side panel.

With Jira Service Desk Server 3.10, the team has focused on making it easier for you to serve your enterprise at scale with the introduction of priority schemes, better notification management and easier approvals. Check out the release notes for more details or press the button below to upgrade now.

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