These days we expect business software to provide the same outstanding experiences as the apps we use every day. IT teams are driving organizational shifts to this modern software,  all the while delivering first-class service.

We know that’s a lot to ask.  At Atlassian, we’re committed to empowering modern IT teams to meet (and even exceed!) these expectations. We’re excited to share new features in Jira Service Desk Cloud which will help your team deliver better service and provide greater visibility into what’s happening across your organization. Let’s break it down.

Drive simple self-service with the new help center

The help center is often the first line of interaction a customer or employee may have with your team and it can make or break their service experience. With the help of feedback from hundreds of customers,  the Jira Service Desk team has redesigned the help center to encourage effortless self-service. Customers can get answers quickly and agents can get the information they need to work more efficiently.

Knowledge is now front and center, giving your customers the ability to browse through relevant knowledge base articles and find answers on their own.  By putting articles on the home page in the help portal, teams can encourage self-service while deflecting tickets for their agents.

And if a customer does need to request help, customers can easily distinguish between service desks. It’s convenient for customers to choose the service desk that fits their needs from easy-to-read cards on the help center home page.

We’ve also made the search bar accessible from every page, so customers have a clear call to action if they’re not sure where to start.

Jira Service Desk portal

The new help center makes finding the right service desk and knowledge articles simple.

New dropdown menus direct customers through the process of requesting help

The new help center also stops incorrectly-filed requests in their tracks with an improved user experience. Instead of having to navigate through links for different categories and request types, customers will be offered dropdown menus that guide them through the process of filing a ticket.

Thanks to these experience improvements in the help center, self-service has never been more accessible. And with more customers helping themselves, your agents can focus on resolving the issues that matter.

Reimagine knowledge management

A big trend we’re seeing today in IT is the “shift-left” mentality when it comes to service. “Shifting-left” means automating as much of your support as possible and pushing what you can’t automate to self-service.

We’re all for this trend. Beyond making the portal more knowledge-centric, the Jira Service Desk team has also made improvements to the agent experience to support this philosophy.

Whether agents need to add a new knowledge category or see when an article was last updated,  they can now directly search and manage knowledge base articles from Jira Service Desk Cloud.  With a robust knowledge base, you’re one step closer to deflecting requests and closing tickets faster.

Gain better visibility and control over your assets

One of the most important aspects of an IT professional’s job is tracking and supporting assets. In the new world of cloud, assets now mean far more than on-premise devices. They can refer to anything from servers and laptops to software licenses and cloud services. As IT supports more and more assets, asset management solutions will also need to be increasingly versatile and flexible.

That’s why we announced beta versions of our asset management integrations at Atlassian Summit Europe last week. In partnership with Device42, Insight by Riada, and Oomnitza, we’re launching asset management integrations for Jira Service Desk Cloud. Customers will be able to easily select their assets in the portal when submitting a request. Agents can then tie service requests back to assets inside Jira Service Desk and with the asset management solutions they already love.

With these new asset management integrations, you’ll have all the context you need right from the ticket. It’s as simple as a customer opening a ticket and choosing the asset they have. Agents will then see details of the asset like the serial number and the operating system as well as related tickets that mention this asset. From there, agents can easily conduct an impact assessment and get a sense of the health and lifecycle of their company’s assets, enabling more tailored service. 

Try our beta integrations now. And stay tuned for our full launch soon!

Deliver service on-the-go with our mobile app

And thanks to Jira Service Desk for Mobile, a first-class service experience extends beyond the desktop. We know that customers expect to receive their IT service on their schedule and agents need to be able to meet this need in real time.

Jira Service Desk is now part of the Jira Cloud Mobile App, meaning an agent is only a few taps away from delivering great service to your customers.


An agent’s single source of truth now lives in their pocket.

From the app, agents can quickly assign or transition issues with a single swipe, allowing your team to stay on top of their queues.  They can also reply directly to their customers and comment internally to their teams, keeping everyone in the loop.  And with instant push notifications, teams can always stay in the know about breached SLAs and urgent issues, ensuring customers can get quality service whenever and wherever.

All of these enhancements further our mission to equip IT teams with the tools they need to stay one step ahead of customer expectations. As we continue to add features to Jira Service Desk Cloud, we would love to hear your feedback.

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Rethinking the service experience in Jira Service Desk Cloud