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Six Must-Haves When Using Microsoft Teams for Incident Management

Teams collaborate, share, and distribute knowledge in chat applications. Companies are realizing incredible benefits by incorporating ChatOps into their incident management workflows. Many of today’s terms used in IT incident management are taken directly from terms widely adopted from disaster response teams in medical and environmental fields.

Download "Six Must-Haves When Using Microsoft Teams® for Incident Management" technical brief to learn more about ChatOps, six important features of chat integrations for incident management solutions, and a comparison of the MS Teams integrations used by the biggest players in incident management.

In this whitepaper, you'll learn:
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The importance of ChatOps and how it accelerates incident management.

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Six Must-Haves When Using Microsoft Teams® for Incident Management.

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Important considerations and a comparison of functionality between Opsgenie™, PagerDuty® and VictorOps®.