Email Integration Overview

Watch this brief video to learn how to set up an email integration in Opsgenie. The email integration can be setup with any tool or application that can send email, and it’s a great way to test the functionality of Opsgenie when starting a trial.

A First Look at Opsgenie

Get a first look at Opsgenie's essential functions that allow teams to minimize service disruptions and stay in control during incidents.

Opsgenie Edge Connector

Atlassian Edge Connector for Opsgenie: Connecting On-Premise Monitoring and ITSM Tools

Atlassian Edge Connector for Opsgenie ensures secure communication with on-prem apps, enables you to fetch more data, and empowers you to execute remediation and diagnostic actions.

Problem Reporting in Opsgenie

Did you know immediately how to report an error or technical issue with a critical system at work? Often, employees lack context and access to the right tools to take action themselves. Opsgenie makes these issues obsolete with Problem Reporting.

Opsgenie Mobile App Tour

Take a tour of our mobile app. Manage on-call schedules, act on alerts, and  access incidents and services directly from your phone.

Routing Rules in Opsgenie

Routing rules provide the flexibility to notify a team using different escalation rules, or on-call schedules, for different alerts, at different times.

Escalation Policies in Opsgenie

Say hello to the escalation policies. You can define escalation policies to notify users in order until the alert is acknowledged or closed.

On-Call Schedules in Opsgenie

Easily create on-call schedules with daily, weekly and custom rotations. On-call scheduling allows using multiple scheduling rules to use different rotations at different times.

Incoming Call Routing in Opsgenie

Ensure calls are routed to the right person, and critical calls are never missed with Incoming Call Routing in Opsgenie.

Notification Rules in Opsgenie

Watch this video to learn how to benefit from notification rules within Opsgenie

EBSCO / Opsgenie Case Study

Learn how EBSCO deployed Opsgenie to better support global operations by focusing on the right alerts, in the right way

Searching Alerts within Opsgenie

Learn all about searching alerts within Opsgenie, including how to save searches and export results.

Connecting Users in Slack

Experience ChatOps environement by using our Slack app integration with slash commands, interactive menus, dialogs, chat user mapping and more.

Opsgenie Reporting and Analytics

Unlocks your operations data and enables self-service analytics through the broad capabilities of Opsgenie's Reporting and Analytics