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How to use Jira Work Management for operations

How-to guide for operations teams

Operations management templates

When your daily tasks touch every part of the organization, you need dependable yet adaptable workflows. The templates in Jira Work Management allow your operations team to work easily and efficiently in one place. Use the preconfigured workflows to streamline your operations management processes, or customize templates to fit with your exact ways of working and scale with your organization.

Find all the templates you need in the Template hub:

See how to get started with your Jira Work Management template:

How-to guide for operations teams

Best practices for operations teams

Your operations team is the connective tissue of the company. The smoother your operations management processes run, the easier it is to support all the different departments and initiatives at your organization. These best practices from Atlassian employees, Jira Work Management users, and subject matter experts will help you refine your project management and strategy execution.

See the Quickstart guide to learn how to get started with Jira Work Management.

Keep on top of everything, from orders to onboarding

Your operations management processes need to keep your team one step ahead. In addition to the operations templates, Jira Work Management offers multiple views to support all project management.

  • Track employee onboarding for a great new hire experience with the board view.
  • Visualize purchase dates for perfect timing with the calendar view.
  • Plan inventory and prevent supply issues with the list view.
  • Understand cross-functional project dependencies with the timeline view.

Check out the different views in Jira Work Management:

Learn about the different views for managing work in Jira Work Management:

View your work in a list

Used to working in spreadsheets? The list view in Jira Work Management is for you.

Monitor your work with the board

See how to use the kanban-style board in Jira Work Management to onboard employees.

Manage and view your calendar

Get comfortable using the calendar, including filters and searches.

What is the timeline view and how do I use it?

Visualize the timing, duration, and dependencies of issues within a single project in this Gantt-chart-style view.

Improve productivity and process quality with automations

You streamline processes at your organization – now you can do the same for your own operations management processes. Jira Work Management’s code-free automation rules take care of tedious manual updates, like closing and moving tasks forward, to save you time and the risk of human error.

Read these resources to start adding automation to your project:

Jira automation templates for business teams

Take a look at the automation templates designed specifically for businesses teams. Make everything from employee onboarding to editing security levels a breeze.

Jira automation templates for Slack or Microsoft Teams

Learn how you can set up a rule to notify your teams when work is ready for their attention. Now they don’t need to keep checking in on the status of every task.

Most popular Jira automation templates

Discover how other teams move their work forward with our most popular automation rules across the entire Jira platform. So many users can’t be wrong.

Automation Playground

Test out your automation ideas in our sandbox environment. No work will be harmed in the making of your new automation rule and it might just be what other users have been waiting for.

See how to set up automation within Jira Work Management:

Make procurement a piece of cake with forms

Optimizing office inventory is a tricky balance at the best of times. If you have to dig through emails and chats to find requests, it’s more likely something will fall through the cracks. With forms in Jira Work Management, employees can submit, track, and discuss requests with you in the same place.

Read these resources to learn how to use forms for inventory requests:

What are forms and what can they do?

Find out how forms can support your operations team.

How to create, edit, save, and delete forms

Get started on your first forms with this step-by-step guide.

See how to create a form in Jira Work Management:

Work more efficiently with integrations

If you’re working in operations, efficiency is your middle name. Jira Work Management offers over 500 integrations and 3,000 extensions, such as Miro, Sheets, and Gmail, to streamline your project management and keep you in the flow. You can also add time-management apps to your project to help you prioritize your work and stay in control of your day.

Explore the apps and integrations you can use:

App Marketplace

Connect your favorite apps or explore our top picks and most popular apps to improve your processes.

Platform partners

Learn more about Atlassian’s technology partners and the integrations we’re developing together to support your needs.

Discover Jira mobile apps

Want to stay on top of work on the go? Find out how you can get the Jira app for iOS and Android.

Unleash the potential in your operations team

See how Atlassian tools can work together to support your operations team.

See how to connect your tools within Jira Work Management:

Get the details you need to make data-driven decisions

Your operations team needs clear information to develop budgets, manage resources, and share with leadership. Jira Work Management provides both high-level and granular views of active work, so you can feel more confident about operations management recommendations and strategy execution.

Learn more about overviews, reports, and roadmaps in Jira Work Management:

See an overview

Track cross-project dependencies with an overview on Jira Work Management Premium.

Generate a report

Discover all the reports Jira Work Management offers and how you can generate them to track your team’s work in a single project.

Advanced Roadmaps

View work across teams with a customizable visualization and sandbox environment.

Write, manage, and share documentation in one place

Whether you’re preparing staff communications, a new policy, or team goals, you need the right people to see this information at the right time for it to make any impact. Jira Work Management connects with Confluence Cloud, so you can write, manage, and record documentation in one centralized location. And thanks to the wide range of tried-and-tested plays, you never have to start a document from scratch.

Learn more about creating and sharing documents in Jira Work Management:

Jira Work Management document approval

Learn how to manage key documents, such as policies and contracts, from creation to approval. You’ll even create an audit trail in the process.

Try Confluence operations templates in Jira Work Management

Take a look at the types of documents you can create within the Pages tab of your project, thanks to our integration with Confluence.

Find the right plays for your team

Streamlining processes and building relationships across teams and departments is easier when you’re using tried-and-tested plays. Take a look at Atlassian’s Playbook for inspiration.

How-to guide for operations teams

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