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How to use Jira Work Management for sales

How-to guide for sales teams

Sales team templates

New tools can be a pain to adopt, especially if they shoehorn you into a standardized approach to work. The sales templates in Jira Work Management are preconfigured with different workflows that are easy to customize to your team’s needs and your preferred ways of working. From planning strategic campaigns at the office to closing deals on the road, we’ve got your sales team covered.

Find the right template for your work in the Template hub:

See how to get started with your Jira Work Management template:

How-to guide for sales teams

Best practices for sales teams

Every sales team is unique. With Jira Work Management, you can customize the sales process flow to the way your team works and still collaborate easily with other teams. These best practices from Atlassian employees, Jira Work Management users, and subject matter experts will help you decide how to manage your sales team and meet your sales goals.

Make sure you check out the Quickstart guide to get set up with Jira Work Management.

Monitor your deadlines to hit quotas

Don’t let the end of the month sneak up on your team. The month-by-month calendar view in Jira Work Management shows tasks and deadlines for different deals, so there are no nasty surprises. Your team can add, move, and filter tasks directly in the calendar to leave enough time to close and make quota.

Read these resources to get started with the calendar:

What is the calendar view?

Learn how the calendar view can support your sales team.

Create and edit issues and subtasks on the calendar

See how to add tasks directly in the calendar view.

Manage and view your calendar

Get comfortable using the calendar, including filters and searches.

See a cross-project calendar with an overview

On Jira Work Management Premium, bring multiple sales initiatives into one calendar by generating an overview.

See your sales process flow, from cold call to close

Ditch the chaotic notes and give your team the full picture of the sales workflow. Jira Work Management offers a clear visualization of the sales process flow to track leads at every step. Adding Salesforce Smart Links provides extra context and makes it easier to update the CRM directly from your project. Discover other sales tools we integrate with here.

Learn how to set up your sales process flow in Jira Work Management:

Use Jira Work Management for sales teams

Learn more about using Jira Work Management as a sales team. Customize fields and add due dates and priorities.

Monitor your work with the board

See how to use the kanban-style board in Jira Work Management to track your leads.

How to create workflows

Learn how to create and edit workflows in Jira Work Management to build your ideal sales process flow.

Smart Links in Jira Work Management

Discover a new way to link richer content to pages in tools like Salesforce across Jira Work Management views.

Check out the different views in Jira Work Management:

Be more prepared for pre- and post-sales requests

Requests for information quickly pile up when your team is working on multiple customer offerings. Forms in Jira Work Management make it easy to collect and route pre-sales requests. You can also use forms to request enablement materials. Now you can track when marketing will deliver the assets you need to answers questions faster and more easily, so you can close deals and give customers the best experience.

Read these resources to learn how to use forms in your project:

What are forms and what can they do?

Find out how forms can support your sales team.

How to create, edit, save, and delete forms

Get started on your first forms with this step-by-step guide.

See how to create a form in Jira Work Management:

Keep your customer and product data in one place

Your team relies on customer data and input from different departments to do their jobs. Switching between the CRM, spreadsheets, email, and messaging tools all day gets tiring. Jira Work Management offers over 500 integrations and 3,000 extensions, such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Google Sheets, Gmail, and Teams, to help you organize your updates in a simple, centralized location.

Explore the apps and integrations you can use:

App Marketplace

Connect your favorite apps or explore our top picks and most popular apps to improve your processes.

Platform partners

Learn more about Atlassian’s technology partners and the integrations we’re developing together to support your needs.

Discover Jira mobile apps

Want to stay on top of work on the go? Find out how you can get the Jira app for iOS and Android.

See how to connect your tools within Jira Work Management:

Automate strategy and proposal approvals

Whether you’re juggling new campaigns with the marketing team or trying to close several deals, you need another team to sign off on your work. Automating approvals helps you streamline the process, so you don’t waste time trying to connect with the right person in finance and miss your sales goals.

Read these resources to start adding automation to your project:

Jira automation templates for business teams

Take a look at the automation templates designed specifically for business teams like sales.

Jira automation templates for Slack or Microsoft Teams

Learn how you can set up a rule to notify your teams when work is ready for their attention. Now they don’t need to keep checking in on the status of every task.

Most popular Jira automation templates

Discover how other teams move their work forward with our most popular automation rules across the entire Jira platform. So many users can’t be wrong.

Automation Playground

Test out your automation ideas in our sandbox environment. No work will be harmed in the making of your new automation rule and it might just be what other users have been waiting for.

See how to set up automation within Jira Work Management:

See how your team is tracking to sales goals

Regular reports and rituals are key to running an effective sales team – but developing them from scratch eats up a lot of time you could be spending on strategic initiatives. Jira Work Management allows you to generate a wide range of reports in seconds, so you can track your team’s progress toward sales goals.

Learn more about how to manage a sales team with these resources:

Generate a report

Discover all the reports Jira Work Management offers and how you can generate them to track your team’s work in a single project.

Team Playbook: Goals, Signals, and Measures

Establish sales goals, signals, and measures before a project begins to keep each team member aligned with the outcome.

How-to guide for sales teams

Additional resources

Help your team meet their sales goals with more thought leadership, Jira Work Management best practices, and feature guides.

Jira Work Management Support

Make sure you’ve got the fundamentals down. Check out the support guide for key topics on using Jira Work Management effectively.

Jira Work Management Community

Still have questions about using Jira Work Management as a sales team? Join the Community for expert guidance from users and product team members.

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Jira Work Management Product Guides

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