Unlock the agility of your design team

Understand users, beautify assets, and easily work with other teams in Jira Work Management — so you and your team can create breathtaking experiences

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Deliver high-quality results with low effort

Even the largest design teams can easily map dependencies with a timeline view. Whether it's a new social banner or a marquee illustration, bypass the blockers and make sure work gets done on time.

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Get stakeholder signoff faster than ever

Don't let days drag on between review rounds. Proof and comment on files directly in Jira with InVision and Figma integrations. Then automatically message stakeholders via Slack, Teams, or email when it's time to get the go-ahead.

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Collect simple creative requests

Tracking creative requests doesn’t need to be complicated. New logos, whitepapers, landing pages — it’s time to keep all your project requests in a single place.

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No matter the design process, we’ve got you covered

Create assets, design new pages, and improve user happiness with Jira Work Management’s customizable workflows. It’s an all-new way to keep your design teams in sync.

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Put your projects on autopilot with automation

Unlimited, free actions within projects mean you're free to focus on what matters. Create your team's custom rules or get started quickly with our pre-made favorites. Focused on privacy? Our audit logs come standard.


Bring your favorite tools together

Instead of context-switching between platforms, neatly integrate your tools with Jira Work Management. 

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Embedded Figma files streamline project communication, simplify handoff, and eliminates finding and maintaining the latest design files.

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Bring your design workflow right into Jira with embedded files to give every issue instant context with always up-to-date design access.

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Adobe XD

Give teams easy access to the latest Adobe XD prototypes and design specs from attached and embedded files in Jira issues

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The URL is dead, long live the Smart Link

The era of static URLs is over — Smart Links are here and enabled by default. Embed Figma and InVision files, preview Miro boards, link assets from Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive, and take actions with 30 other top providers with a single copy/paste.

Let your creative flow

You design great things, we’ll help you get there

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Dynamic reports and dashboards

Follow the status of your team's projects via high-level overviews, customized dashboards, or 30+ reports. Discover bottlenecks and continuously improve.


Templates for design teams

20+ new project templates make it easy for every team and department to get started instantly, with no set-up required.