Protect your company and the people within it

Create and share documents, mitigate risk and communicate effectively with Jira Work Management — so you and your team can keep protecting your people.

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Review documents consistently and easily

With Jira Work Management's board view, you can ensure every document gets the same thorough review before it's approved. Keep your company just as clear as your revisions.

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Edit files without ever leaving Jira

Use our Smart Link functionality to edit documents directly from your Jira ticket. Simply paste links from Google Docs, or other providers to start writing.

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Collect simple work requests

Whether it’s a brand-new budget or collecting financial expenses, use our forms feature to keep on top of requests from your organization and employees.

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No matter the legal process, we’ve got you covered

Approve documents, track risks, and keep your company safe with Jira Work Management’s customizable workflows. It’s an all-new way to keep your legal teams in sync.

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Put your projects on autopilot with automation

Unlimited, free actions within projects mean you're free to focus on what matters. Create your team's custom rules or get started quickly with our pre-made favorites. Focused on privacy? Our audit logs come standard.


Bring your favorite tools together

Instead of context-switching between platforms, neatly integrate your tools with Jira Work Management. 

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Use Slack to remove the constant hunt through documents and emails to get what you need, when you need it. Edit, view, and comment from Slack.

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The Zoom integration for Jira Cloud allows you to easily start or schedule a Zoom meeting directly from tasks and issues in Jira.

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Atlassian Cloud for Gmail transforms your inbox into mission control, as it allows you to take actions and view rich data directly from emails.

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The URL is dead, long live the Smart Link

The era of static URLs is over — Smart Links are here and enabled by default. Enter data into embedded Google Sheets, export and import data with Excel, and take actions with 30 other top providers with a single copy/paste.

Fine-Tune Your Financial Future

Keep your numbers and processes up to par

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Dynamic reports and dashboards

Follow the status of your team's projects via high-level overviews, customized dashboards, or 30+ reports. Discover bottlenecks and continuously improve.


Templates for legal teams

20+ new project templates make it easy for every team and department to get started instantly, with no set-up required.