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Bitbucket Server provides enterprise-grade security, providing fine-grained control over permissions and compliant workflows.

Ensure the right people have the right access to code with LDAP support, unique pull request features like default reviewers and merge strategies, and Git hooks for custom restrictions as your organization grows.

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Whether your team is small or part of an enterprise organization, as your team and workload matures, Bitbucket Server grows with you.

Take it up a notch with Bitbucket Data Center and enjoy features like active-active clustering for high-availability, smart mirroring for fast clone times across geographies, and disaster recovery to keep your business up and running.

Git that grows with you

Bitbucket Data Center provides source code collaboration for professional teams of any size, across any distance.

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Getting Git right with Bitbucket

Whether you're migrating from SVN to Git or in need of advanced Git tutorials, we've got you covered. Check out tutorials, news, and tips on all things Git.

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"With Git and Bitbucket, we're able to complete 3x as many code reviews, which ultimately results in fewer bugs, fewer support tickets, and better software." Kurt Chase, Director of Release Engineering
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Want to see Bitbucket in action? Watch our demo for a product walk through of pull requests, integrations, and more.

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