A migration fit for enterprises

We know that our larger customers have complex requirements and needs, so we’ve built additional resources, discounts, and support to ease your move to cloud.

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Dedicated Atlassian support

Lean on our Cloud Migration Managers and support engineers for 1:1 support and guidance throughout your migration.

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Certified Solution Partners

For complex migrations or end-to-end 1:1 support, engage with our certified network of trusted Solution Partners.

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Access to our team

Get direct access to our product and engineering teams to ensure we’re building the right path for you, and your migration is a success.

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Loyalty discounts

Help offset the upfront cost of moving to cloud with our loyalty discount that spans a 2-year period while you migrate and adjust to your new environment.

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Dual licensing

Avoid double costs and receive up to 12 months off of your self-hosted license while you plan, prepare, and migrate to your cloud site.

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Build the future with us

Help us build the future of Atlassian's cloud products with early access to new features and delivering feedback directly to our team. To see what’s coming, view our roadmap.

Ready to get started?

Whether you have questions or you’re ready to dive right in, contact the Atlassian team or our network of Solution Partners for support.

Enterprise-grade security and control

Dive into how Atlassian is keeping your team’s data secure, reliable, and compliant with the latest regulatory requirements.

Why enterprises choose Atlassian cloud

We provide a platform that has the security and privacy capabilities that enterprises need, and powers team collaboration at scale.

A platform built for scale

Move faster, improve ROI, and invest more in your core business with cloud.

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“One of the biggest wins for our team is that, by moving to Atlassian cloud, we don’t have to maintain our own servers anymore. That has freed up our time so that we can focus on improving our own software instead of babysitting on-premise infrastructure.”

Chris Haley, DevOps Manager, Nextiva



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Need to stay in a self-managed environment?

If you need to stay in a self-managed environment and know Data Center is the right option for your organization, use our self-guided migration guides to help you deploy your Atlassian products in a non-clustered or clustered architecture.