Learn what's happening in our newest R&D center

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Where Bengaluru fits in

We've got big goals and the biggest one is to have 100 Million monthly active users across the full suite of Atlassian products. Bengaluru will play a key role in getting us there.

With our Bengaluru team up and running, we're well on our way to having a fully-staffed R&D center in India that mirrors the structure (and character) of Atlassian offices around the globe. The code we ship from Bengaluru is already impacting our global customer base. And, the culture being built here will be an extension of our company's shared values.

Beyond product development positions available in engineering, product management, and design, we're also building an on-site Customer Success & Support (CSS) team to help our customers utilize our products to their full potential. Our CSS team in Bengaluru will be integrated as the newest member of our existing global team. 

Take a look at the goings-on in Bengaluru

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Four people at work in our Bengaluru office

Plans to expand

With the doors now open on our new home in RMZ Ecoworld, we have plans to grow rapidly over the next several years. We're in the process of finishing our new office space, hiring for key positions, and building a team that will fuel our future growth in Bengaluru. From here, the sky's the limit.

Two people brainstorming in our Bengaluru office

A focus on new discovery

As a company we want to replicate in Bengaluru the things that have been key to our success in other R&D-focused locations. With a strong e-commerce DNA already present in Bengaluru, we believe this strength will naturally align with our long-term goals.

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New space, same values

As we tweak our existing plays to support growth in a new market, one thing will remain constant: our values. Across all of our offices, our shared set of values play a huge role in creating an interconnected global culture (with plenty of room for local quirks and variations). We're all excited to see how this will come to life in Bengaluru. 

“Atlassian has a big mission: to unleash the potential of every team. Building our own team in Bengaluru is a tremendously exciting step for us. The engineering ability and e-commerce expertise here will be instrumental in helping us reach our long-term goals.”

— Sri Viswanath
Chief Technology Officer