Opsgenie + Splunk

Opsgenie's integration with Splunk ITSI provides incident management for Splunk notable events, empowering you to plan for service disruptions and stay in control during incidents.

Alert management with Splunk ITSI Opsgenie integration

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Reduce Alert Fatigue

Opsgenie’s powerful rules engine allows you to prioritize and route alerts based on their source, and their content. Aggregate related alerts into an incident via rule-based configurations to avoid alert and notification fatigue.

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Plan and Prepare for Incidents

Create incident templates to plan ahead for incident response and identify possible incident scenarios.

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Reduce Mean Time to Respond

Opsgenie will alert the right person when an incident occurs, and append ITSI insights in alert details for clear context and fast resolution of the incident.

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Analyze Incidents and Improve your Processes

Opsgenie tracks all activity throughout the incident lifecycle and provides actionable insights for review, leading to a faster resolution the next time an incident occurs.

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