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The best way to move from Bitbucket Server to Bitbucket Cloud

We’re building the Bitbucket Cloud Migration Assistant, an app that will help you move repos, users, and more from server to Bitbucket Cloud. Built and maintained by Atlassian, the app will be free to install and use.

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What will you be able to migrate with the Bitbucket Cloud Migration Assistant?

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Projects and repositories

Easily migrate your projects and epositories from server to cloud with the intial release of our migration assistant.

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Pull request and metadata

Preserve the records of your prior collaboration on code when moving from Server to Cloud by moving your pull requests, comments, and other metadata.

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Groups and permissions

Easily map your workspace, project, repository and branch permissions from Server to the Cloud, saving time configuring the relationship between users and content.

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Want to see Bitbucket Cloud in action?

Watch a recorded demo and get the facts from one of our experts.