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The best way to migrate to Bitbucket Cloud

Install the Bitbucket Cloud Migration Assistant. We built this free app to help you migrate from Bitbucket Data Center to Bitbucket Cloud.

What can you migrate with the Bitbucket Cloud Migration Assistant?

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Projects and repositories

Easily migrate your projects, and repositories from Data Center to Cloud.

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Pull request and metadata

Preserve code collaboration history by migrating pull request diffs and their comments, authors, and reviewers to your cloud instance.

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Migrate your users from Data Center to Cloud, including inactive users so comments, author, and reviewer statuses are preserved.

Other migration resources

Migrating other Atlassian products?

Visit our Cloud Migration Center for details on how to move Jira and Confluence to the cloud.

Want to plan for your Bitbucket Cloud migration?

Read our cloud migration guide to see what steps you should take.

Want to see Bitbucket Cloud in action?

Watch a demo on how to push a change to production using Bitbucket and Jira Software.