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Facilities service management template

Manage requests for maintenance, moving, and event planning.

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What is the facilities service management template?

The facilities service maangement template is best suited for facilities teams who need an easier way to track work and manage employee requests. This template helps teams manage requests for maintenance, moving, and event planning.

What does the facilities service management template include?

Capture relevant customer information

Use editable request types for common external support issues or create your own that are specific to your team’s external support services.

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Address requests more efficiently

Utilize a pre-built form or create your own form to get more structured information from help seekers when they raise a request.

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Customize your help center portal

Create a service portal with customizable request types and workflows to meet your employees' needs.

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Create and optimize your queues

Organize employees' requests from the help center, email, chat, and other channels into queues so you can quickly view, triage, and assign requests as they come in.

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Keep a pulse on your facilities infrastructure

Facilities teams can track all the assets they are responsible for maintaining in one convenient location with Assets.

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이슈를 줄일 수 있도록 사용자 지정 보고서 및 대시보드를 만들어 인시던트의 유형과 빈도를 추적하세요.

How to get started with the facilities service management template

Start managing and simplifying communication around maintenance and other facilities service requests.

1. Set up your help center and portal

The help center is where employees can submit requests and access your self-service knowledge base. Set up the welcome message, announcements, and layout.

2. Customize your request types

Help employees and agents with tailored request types, or create your own.

3. Organize your queues

Align your queue with the way your teams triage and address maintenance requests.

4. Add agents

It’s time to get the party started! Add agents to your service project team.

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