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From startups to Fortune 500 companies, Trello is the visual way for teams to collaborate on any project

Information at a glance

Information at a glance

  • See the big picture, or dive into the details, all on one Trello board.

  • Everyone knows the status of tasks as cards move across lists to Done.

  • Organize the essential info from all your apps with Power-Ups.

Seamless collaboration

  • Infinitely flexible setup means Trello works the way you do.

  • Get out of email and communicate where the work is getting done.

  • Never miss a deadline with easy-to-set due dates and calendar views.

Always in sync
Work with any team

Always in sync

  • Trello is the tool that keeps you connected to all of the teams in your life.

  • Real-time updates mean everyone shares the same perspective.

  • Available on your browser and mobile devices (even when you’re offline!)

필요한 통합 구현

Jira Software, Bitbucket Server, Bamboo 및 수많은 기타 개발 도구를 이용해 워크플로를 업그레이드하세요.


Jira + Trello

Track issue status company-wide

Create from scratch or link existing Jira issues to Trello cards. See an attached Jira issue's status, priority, assignee, and more.


Bitbucket + Trello

Get perspective on your code

Keep projects organized by attaching Bitbucket branches, commits, and pull requests to Trello cards. Get important info like status updates and code reviewers in Trello.


Confluence + Trello

Team it up

Create new Confluence pages directly from Trello cards. See who created a page and when it was created.


Use Power-Ups to connect to dozens of other apps, or even build your own!

"McCorvey was a paper company for 60 to 70 years and went completely digital overnight thanks to Trello. It made a huge impact and really was an unintended result — and we absolutely love it."

Chris Mondeau
Tech coordinator, McCorvey Sheet Metal

“저희는 지속적으로 시제품을 제작하고 실험하는 환경 속에 있습니다. 지난해부터 버전 트래킹을 위해 Git을 사용했습니다.... 저희는 많은 코드 리뷰도 수행합니다. 적어도 브랜치당 한 번은 수행합니다.”