Empowering IT teams to deliver excellent service

Atlassian's industry-leading IT solutions help teams deliver exceptional operational and support services.

Industry-leading ITSM and ESM solutions

From service management to operations and incident management, our flexible suite of products is tailored to meet the unique challenges faced by IT teams today and in the future.

IT service management

Unlike costly and complex ITSM solutions that slow service delivery, Jira Service Management provides a centralized, flexible, and collaborative way of delivering the exceptional service your employees expect.

JSM Analytics dashboard

IT operations

Bring your software development and IT teams together on one platform with Jira Service Management’s easy-to-use solution and seamless integrations with Jira Software and Bitbucket.

JSM ticket

Incident management

Atlassian solutions unite development, operations, and support on a powerful platform to provide full visibility into system health. Always be prepared to respond to critical incidents.

JSM ITSM incidents

Enterprise service management

Teams across the organization from HR, facilities, legal, and more can easily spin up a service desk and standardize the way they work using Jira Service Management’s flexible and easy-to-use solution.

JSM business teams portal

Get started faster with templates

Pre-built templates for IT and service management teams make it easier to build the service experiences you need to deliver value quickly.

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Everything high-velocity IT teams need

Seamless integration

Atlassian products integrate to provide a unified IT ecosystem. You can also connect your other favorite tools and automate workflows to streamline processes and eliminate silos.

Customizable workflows

Tailor your workflows to match your IT team's processes. Whether you follow specific methodologies or have custom requirements, Atlassian tools provide flexibility to adapt and scale with your team.

Real-time collaboration

Atlassian products provide IT teams with the visibility they need to deliver quality service, no matter where they are. Collaborate, share knowledge, and get instant feedback.

Powerful analytics and reporting

Gain valuable performance insights, identify bottlenecks, and make data-driven decisions to continuously improve your IT processes with comprehensive analytics and reporting capabilities.

Scalability and security

Atlassian products support growing IT teams with scalable solutions and robust security features to protect data and ensure compliance with industry standards.


Atlassian offers a comprehensive suite of software development tools and extensive APIs so you can support your developers with the tools they need and build a single, connected source of truth.

IT teams love Atlassian

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Secure & compliant

Atlassian products are backed by industry-accepted certifications and comply with industry standards so IT teams can feel confident their company and customer data remains secure.

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