Boost sales and streamline retail processes

Track your sales pipeline, automate tasks, collaborate with your teams and keep initiatives on track with Atlassian’s versatile retail and sales management solutions.

Dynamic project management solutions

Atlassian’s diverse set of project management and collaboration products help optimize sales operations, including pipeline and workforce management, logistics, customer service, and more.

Operations & logistics

Jira Work Management provides a centralized and customizable way for sales and retail teams to streamline inventory management and logistics with clear visibility, dynamic tracking capabilities, and detailed reporting.

JSM analytics dashboard

Tracking and reporting sales

From cold call to deal close, maintain organized, transparent, and efficient sales operations. Monitor key performance metrics with detailed data and analysis provided by Jira Work Management’s versatile features and seamless CRM integrations.

JSM business teams portal

Project & capacity Management

Organize and optimize your team around priority projects with versatile scheduling, task assignments, and advanced performance tracking in Jira Work Management’s user-friendly platform.

JSM analytics dashboard

Customer service

Improve customer satisfaction by creating status-sensitive tickets, service level agreements, and custom workflows to identify and resolve customer service inquiries with Jira Service Management.

JSM business teams roadmap

Over 1,000 trusted integrations

Tailor Atlassian products to meet your sales and retail needs with a variety of integrations and applications.

Everything sales and retail teams need to succeed

Automated solutions

Eliminate repetitive tasks by automating processes and workflows so your team can focus on growing sales. No-code and low-code solutions make automation easy for non-technical teams.

Reporting and analytics

Advanced performance analytics provide valuable insights so you can make data-driven decisions, faster.

Seamless integrations

Atlassian solutions seamlessly integrate together and with a wide range of other CRM, ERP, Inventory management, and accounting tools so you can create an efficient, centralized workflow.

Knowledge management

Confluence brings everyone together on the same page and makes documentation and knowledge sharing a core part of your culture.

Centralized source of truth

Collaborate on everything from training manuals and company policies to meeting notes, project documentation, and marketing campaigns in one centralized platform, giving you visibility into every aspect of your retail and sales operations.

Built-in intelligence

Reduce manual work and accelerate productivity with AI capabilities.

Retail and sales teams love Atlassian

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Secure & compliant

Atlassian products are backed by industry-accepted certifications and comply with industry standards so telecom teams can feel confident their company and customer data remains secure.

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