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A subsidiary of Lufthansa German Airlines, Lufthansa Systems is a leading provider of IT solutions for the aviation industry. Serving over 300 airlines worldwide, the company develops products including flight deck solutions, crew management software, as well as in-flight entertainment platforms. Lufthansa Systems also provides IT consulting services.

With 17 offices across the globe, teams at Lufthansa Systems were working independently, using different tools and processes and often relying on email for communication. To improve efficiency, the company wanted to standardize on one platform across the enterprise. Not only did the solution have to be easy to implement and maintain for 10,000 users, but it also had to be flexible and extensible enough to meet the unique requirements of different teams like IT, HR, Marketing, and Engineering.  

Lufthansa Systems standardized on Atlassian. Technical teams use Jira Software, Confluence, Crucible, Fisheye, and Crowd Server, while business teams use Jira Core and Confluence.  The IT team also develops and uses third-party add-ons to customize and extend Atlassian software to meet the unique requirements of each team. 

“The Atlassian Marketplace offers so many add‑ons that we can review and test. Any feature that we specifically need, we can add or build with Atlassian, says” George Lewe, manager of central applications and tools.  

Lufthansa has implemented add-ons for Jira Software and Confluence. Plugins from K15t Software, including Scroll PDF Exporter and Scroll Versions, are among its favorites. With Scroll PDF Exporter, you can turn Confluence pages into beautiful PDF documents with rich output functionality and full control over styling. With Scroll Versions, you can plan, author, manage, and release documentation directly from Confluence and keep pace with feature-rich, fast-changing products.

Lufthansa Systems also makes its own add-ons. “In the rare case that you don't find exactly what you need in the Marketplace, Atlassian still offers you the possibility to build your own plug‑in; it is all documented, and that's what we did,” says Lewe.

Marketplace extensions enabled Lufthansa Systems to customize and refine processes in any area. Now, with everyone on Atlassian, communication and efficiency has improved across the enterprise.

“Any feature we need, either Atlassian tools already have, or we can find them on a marketplace, or we can build them ourselves. As a result, with Atlassian and its ecosystem, we can build faster, we can work smarter, and we can deliver better service to our customers,” sums up Lewe. 

What Atlassian is offering us with their tools and their ecosystem is a full enterprise solution. Anything you need, any features you need, you can do with Atlassian.
— George Lewe, manager of central applications and tools, Lufthansa Systems

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