Search, track, and visualize code changes

Make better decisions, faster.

Visualize and report on activity and search for commits, files, revisions, or teammates across SVN, Git, Mercurial, CVS and Perforce.

Fisheye code diff


View changes with a side-by-side or unified diff tool and link your Jira Software issues directly to diffs, changeset details, or full source.


Get a graphical representation of activity in your source, report on lines of code over time, and get a visual audit trail of changes.


Follow what's happening throughout your projects with activity streams showing commits, Jira Software issues, and Crucible review activities across your team.


Find code fast with search using any artifact in your code: file names, commit messages, authors, text, and even historical changes.

Fisheye search

Track code activity across any SCM

Browse, index, and search all your source from all your source code management systems including SVN, Git, Mercurial, CVS and Perforce – all in one tool.

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Integrations that matter

Upgrade your workflow with Jira Software, Bitbucket Server, Bamboo and hundreds of other developer tools


Development workflow

Use smart commits to update Jira Software issues or Crucible code reviews by adding simple syntax to a commit message.


Connected code

Connect Fisheye to Bitbucket and be notified immediately when repositories are updated. Create Crucible code reviews for commits with one click.


Continuous integration

Continuously integrate your code with Bamboo and see which code changes triggered your builds in FishEye.

“We're in a continuous prototyping, experimental environment here. As of this past year, we use Git for version tracking.... We do many code reviews as well, at least one per branch.”


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Simple plans hosted on your servers

Small teams

One-time payment
up to 5 users, 10 committers + 5 repos
Free for 30 days
No credit card required

Growing teams

One-time payment, unlimited repos
Free for 30 days
No credit card needed