Track code activity in one place

View all your code activity – changesets, revisions, branches, tags, diffs - in one centralized place.

Diff tool

Understand what's changing in your code with side-by-side or unified diff for SVN, Git, Mercurial, CVS and Perforce.

Activity streams

Follow exactly what's happening throughout your projects in real time with activity streams showing commits, Jira Software issues, and Crucible review activities.

Code search

Accurately search through your code using file names, partial paths, wild cards, user names Jira Software issues keys and even phrases to go straight to a directory, file, or chart. 

Code smarter, ship faster


Jira Software integration

Close the loop for traceability between code changes and issues when you connect Fisheye to Jira Software.


Smart commits

Perform actions on Jira Software issues or Crucible code reviews by adding simple syntax to your commit messages.


Real-time notifications

Stay on top of all the activity in your projects with personalized notifications.


Build integration

View which code changes a build when you connect Bamboo with Fisheye.


Charts and reports

Keep stakeholders informed with charts and code metrics that show lines of code (LOC) committed, top committers, the volume of changes on the project through its history, and more.


File history

View the history of a file in the file history view, and quickly jump to a diff or annotated view for more details.

Search, track and visualize your code