Atlassian Public Policy

At Atlassian, our mission is to unleash the potential of every team. And we live our values in everything that we do, including our public policy work. Through our policy advocacy, we seek to unleash the positive potential of technology and create affirmative change in our communities worldwide.

Issues we care about

Unleashing the positive potential of technology

We are firm believers that the future will be led by innovation and technology. For all of us to share in the benefits of the digital economy, we need policies that encourage innovation and technological advancement. Policies that invest in the future of the technology industry, improve the foundational infrastructure for our technology-driven future, and create a regulatory environment that provides stable and fertile ground for investment and innovation. 

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Visit the following for more information: Principles for Sound Tech Policy

Sharing our values

Atlassian is built on its strong values.  And we believe that it is our corporate responsibility to serve as a force for good in society. This means that we are committed to cultivating diversity, belonging and balanced teams, and to taking bold action to combat climate change. In close collaboration with our Sustainability colleagues, we advocate for legal and regulatory measures to advance these important goals.

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Visit the following for more information: Sustainability at Atlassian; Sustainability Report

Protecting our customers and our business

Technology is already an integral part of our daily lives, so it is more important than ever to build trustworthy products. As a matter of public policy, we support measures that recognize the importance of security, privacy and trust in the digital economy. This means that we advocate on behalf of our people, our customers, and communities for strong and globally interoperable legal frameworks that protect these important rights.

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Visit the Trust Center page for more information


Publicly available examples of our public policy advocacy to date:

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Atlassian stands for inclusive societies and workplaces that build a sense of belonging for everyone within it. We make representations to Government on law and regulation we believe is discriminatory or exclusionary.

Read the amicus brief filed with industry allies in Fulton v. City of Philadelphia.

Climate Action

Atlassian is supportive of worldwide legislative and regulatory efforts to hasten the achievement of Paris Accord climate goals.

Read the Steggall Bill submission for more information.


Atlassian supports sound and proportionate cybersecurity laws and regulations that seek to protect citizens and businesses without harming innovation.

Read the amicus brief Atlassian, Mozilla and Shopify filed in the Supreme Court case of Van Buren v. United States.


Atlassian advocates for competition and anti-trust laws and regulations that are well-defined, objective, and address behaviors rather than targeting individual companies.

Read the ACCC News Media Bargaining Code submission for more information.

Law Enforcement Access

Atlassian believes that law enforcement access and surveillance powers must have strong oversight and accountability measures.


Atlassian advocates for policies that support and stimulate the development of innovative companies.

Read the following submissions for more information: R&D Tax Incentive and the Employee Share Scheme.