Atlassian + mabl integration

Atlassian and mabl enable agile teams to deliver high quality applications without slowing down time to market. mabl provides solutions that improve communication between quality and engineering groups to easily identify and resolve issues at every stage of the development pipeline.

Atlassian + mabl
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Build automated testing into your workflow

Automatically share mabl test results and issue details directly in Jira - including screenshot at the point of failure – to gain visibility into potential bugs, early and often.

Mabl bug tracking integration within Jira Software
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Identify issues faster with detailed test results

Quickly triage a reported issue with mabl’s comprehensive diagnostics data (DOM snapshot, network activity, and more) gathered from every step of the test, enabling fast and efficient bug resolution.

Resolve issues quickly with the help of local tests

No need to start from scratch, simply re-use and run existing tests in your local development environment - using the mabl CLI - to reproduce, debug and fix each issue faster.

Use mabl CLI to run existing tests in your local environment
Bitbucket Cloud

Easily run cross-browser test suites

Test builds for visual, functional and performance regressions on every deployment to deliver quality applications while minimizing production bugs and rework.

Results for cross-browser deployment test
Bitbucket workflow automation

Automate your workflow based on reliable test results

Save time by configuring your workflow to automatically make informed decisions (like promoting or demoting a build) based on individual test output – decisions that would otherwise have been done manually.

Embed quality into every merge

Catch and fix issues earlier in development with visibility into detailed test results for every PR using Code insights for Bitbucket Pipelines.

Pull request test results in Code insights for Bitbucket Pipelines

Why mabl and Atlassian?

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Deliver software with confidence

Integrating mabl’s test automation into your DevOps pipeline helps you overcome development bottlenecks with more reliable tests that scale.

Improve test coverage

Mabl makes it easy for anyone on your team to create and manage all of your browser and API functional tests in a single unified platform, at every stage of development.

Reduce manual work

Eliminate wasted time on the rote, repetitive tasks of testing giving your team more freedom to focus on higher value activities without compromising quality.


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How automated testing enables DevOps

Test automation helps development teams build, test, and ship faster and more reliably.

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eBook: Testing throughout every stage of the software development lifecycle

Learn why you should test as you code and why you should have testing workflows, not stages.

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Video: Integrating mabl into your shift left development process

See how testing earlier helps developers reduce the burden of rework and improve quality while keeping pace with CI/CD.

Teams across the world rely on Atlassian+mabl

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”Integrating mabl with Bitbucket Pipelines gave us the ability to test earlier in the development process without disrupting the development workflow.”

Joe Wong, Engineering Manager at Building Engines

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