Feature Flagging

Test and measure your feature releases with confidence

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What is Feature Flagging?

At the core of Atlassian Open DevOps is a mission to help teams ship quality software faster through collaborative experiences.

Feature flags (also known as feature toggles)...

are if-statements in the code base that enable teams to turn features on or off. Feature flags help teams avoid buggy product releases while moving faster, reducing risk, and taking a more experimentation-oriented approach to software development.

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Getting started with Feature Flagging

Before you get started with feature flags in your organization, there are a few best practices to ensure they're utilized in the most effective way.


Choose an out-of-the-box feature management solution that will help your team to manage flags in a more sustainable and scalable way.

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Develop workflow and documentation around flag management so all relevant stakeholders on your team know what cohort of customers is receiving each feature.


Develop rules of governance for feature flags. Ensure your team knows that they need to clean up their flags once they've been rolled out to 100%.

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Feature Flagging
integrations with Jira Software

Our feature flagging integrations enable teams to more effectively release and manage features with details about flags right in Jira Software, which can improve team coordination and help engineers work faster by reducing context switching.

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Our favorite Feature Flag solutions

Jira integrates with several feature flagging providers so you have options when it comes to building a solution that works for your team. Below are some of our favorite apps.

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Harness Feature Flags empowers teams to confidently deploy features with velocity and control. 

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LaunchDarkly helps software delivery teams work more efficiently while maximizing value to their business and customers.

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Split’s Feature Data Platform™ pairs flag data with Jira issues, enabling teams to deliver faster, safer, and more collaborative releases.