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Team communication, built for the enterprise

Secure group chat, video chat, and screen sharing

Team communication

Communication that's secure and compliant

Get the secure and modern team communication tool that's easy to use and meets all regulatory and compliance needs.

Communication that's secure and compliant

Customized data retention and admin controls

Retain data indefinitely or for a defined time frame per room or globally. Customize your instance with full control of features like guest access, integration governance, and permissions for deleting chat history.


Flexible user management

Bring users in either via SAML 2.0, native authentication, or directories such as LDAP and Crowd.


Secure guest access

Bring clients, vendors, and other third parties into group chats, and control what's visible.


Painless single sign-on

With SAML 2.0, use single sign-on (SSO) to save time, ensure data consistency, and gain greater visibility.

Work from anywhere

Get work done where you need to. Start chatting on any platform–Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux. Don't want to install Hipchat? Check out the web app.

Team chat that's flexible to the way you work

Centralize communications with 1:1 conversations or private and public rooms. Create them for specific projects, teams, or even an after-work dodgeball game.

Customize your notifications

Everyone works differently. Set the notifications you want to receive per room to prioritize the right information and eliminate excess noise.

Share and discuss with HipChat Video


Screen sharing

Share your screen with up to 20 teammates and easily work through any project as a group.


Group video chat

Get in sync faster. Start group video chats from any chat, and quickly share meeting links and meeting IDs.

Centralize your work

Stop jumping from system to system. Quickly share information by bringing your tools into Hipchat Data Center.


The communication layer of Atlassian

Hipchat seamlessly integrates with Atlassian tools like Jira Software, Confluence, and Bitbucket, so teams can respond to issues, share pages, and more.


Integrate with 3rd party tools

Integrate your most important 3rd party tools, like Google Drive, Dropbox, Github, and more.

Customize by integrating internal systems

Build integrations using Hipchat Data Center's API to integrate with internal systems to deliver key information for day-to-day work.

Group chat that brings teams together

Communicating with distributed teams can be hard. Build better relationships by humanizing the way you communicate. Meet face to-face more frequently with video chat, create custom emoticons, and celebrate every team win by giving karma+++!

Looking for Hipchat Cloud? Log in now or download apps. Also check out our new cloud communication solution, Stride!