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BAE Systems overhauls service management with Jira Service Management

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Sydney, Australia

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BAE Systems Australia, a subsidiary of BAE Systems plc, is one of the largest defense contractors in Australia.

For years, the company had struggled with an outdated IT service management system that IT agents and non-technical employees found difficult to use.

BAE Systems Australia decided to make the switch to Jira Service Management. According to Greg Warner, lead of Engineering Tools, they were able to roll out Jira Service Management within three weeks across IT, HR, and business improvement departments. “It was a successful project not just because of the technology, but also because of the way IT internally marketed the new system,” said Warner.  The team marketed the upcoming change by hanging posters around the office and even incentivizing user feedback with Tim Tam chocolate biscuits. 

Warner and his team estimate that Jira Service Management will save BAE Systems $1.62M over the next five years.

To learn more about Greg Warner's best practices for successfully implementing Jira Service Management, watch his presentation at Atlassian Summit.

Jira Service Management is saving BAE Systems $600,000 this year and will save our company $1.62M over the next five years.

Greg Warner

stream lead, Information Systems, BAE Systems Australia

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