Outgrown your bug tracker? It's time to GO JIRA.

As your dev team grows, so should your bug tracker. JIRA, the tracker of choice for over 30,000 companies, tracks more than just bugs and tasks – it helps you plan agile development and deliver great software.

With our simple importer, it's easier than ever to get your issues into JIRA and watch your team destroy bugs – or anything else – with the fury of a thousand mutant dinosaurs. See for yourself what it's like to GO JIRA.

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Why should you GO JIRA?

Top 5 Reasons Quality Center Users GO JIRA

  1. Introduce Agile Testing

    Make the QA team Agile. Now everyone in the development team is responsible for the quality of the deliverable.

  2. Polished User Experience

    Create, update, and work through issues using a fast and intuitive web interface with lightning-quick keyboard shortcuts.

  3. Flexible Dashboards

    Create a personalized view of JIRA. Share dashboards to track project status, create custom reports, and monitor team wallboards.

  4. Powerful Search and Reporting

    Choose from loads of pre-built project reports and use JIRA's Query Language (JQL) with simple autocomplete to build ad hoc queries.

  5. Deployment Options

    Simple Windows and Linux installers are available for the DIY-minded, or you can get started hassle-free with JIRA OnDemand.

Importing is easy

Preaching from the Converted

  • I wanted to let you know how incredibly valuable JIRA is to our organization. We very firmly feel that switching to JIRA was a critical enabler in allowing us to dramatically improve our development workflow and decrease the amount of time needed to deliver new projects. Simply put, it's become indispensible for us.

    Clark Ritchie

    CTO, One Economy Corporation
  • I have been nothing but impressed by the simple ingenuity and powerful features found in JIRA. With the implementation of this new issue tracking system here at Follett, we are bound to see a great boost in efficiency. Thank you for creating such a great issue tracking system.

    Zachary Silver

    Follett Higher Education Group
  • The technical teams here at PriceMinister use JIRA on a daily basis. Everyone from development, exploitation and integration to business intelligence, configuration, SEO and more. JIRA's flexibility enables it to meet the specific needs of every user. A single tool for many users--that means a lot of saved time.

    Lorene Foucher

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