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Jira Software is built for every member of your software team to plan, track, and release great software. See how it stacks up against

Jira Software vs. is a simplified task management tool that organizes tasks into lists. Unlike, Jira Software comes equipped with a powerful toolset that will get your software team to ship early and often like a well-oiled machine.


Sketch out the big picture and ensure your roadmap connects to your team's work.

Agile boards

Fit your framework: Scrum and kanban boards focus your team on delivering customer value, faster.

Workflow engine

Get started quickly with predefined workflows or design your own.

DevOps metrics

Bring information from your development tools into Jira and get visibility into your software pipeline.

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See what makes Jira Software the #1 software development tool used by agile teams.

Feature Comparison

Jira Software

Out-of-the-box agile support

Support for Scrum, kanban, and any framework in between. Teams can begin with a lightweight approach and then progressively add more features.

Jira Software

Comprehensive agile reporting

Teams have access to more than a dozen reports with real-time, actionable insights into how their team is performing sprint over sprint.

Jira Software

Simple and modern

Jira Software’s new and intuitive interface makes the power of Jira more accessible to anyone on the software team (from product to design).

Jira Software

Built-in roadmaps

Quickly create a timeline of your plans, update your priorities as they change, visualize dependencies, and communicate the status of work to your stakeholders.

Jira Software

Customizable dashboard

Create custom dashboards in Jira Software that contain all the information you need to effectively plan and track your work.

Jira Software

Power up with workflows

Get started quickly with built-in workflows or design your own. Leverage the powerful Jira workflow engine to set custom workflow logic and automate repetitive tasks.

Jira Software

Collaborate easily across cross-functional teams

Sync Jira Software with Trello so all of your teams can work seamlessly in the tool of their choice.

Jira Software

The #1 Marketplace for DevOps apps

Over 1,000 plug-and-play add-ons from the Atlassian Marketplace extend Jira Software to fit any use case or development process.

Jira Software


Integrate Jira Software with all of the tools that your team is already using by leveraging its robust set of APIs.

Jira Software


Jira Software provides high availability, performance at scale and advanced security features like encryption at rest.

Jira Software

Information effective July 24 2019

“I think moving to Jira was one of the best decisions our company could've made. From the sprint boards (which increase visibility in product decisions across the company), to the Slack integrations where we receive real-time notifications when our tickets get updated, we have end-to-end coverage over our business needs.”

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