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December, 2022

Jira vs.

Jira is built for every member of your software team to plan, track, release, and support great software with confidence. See how it stacks up against

Jira is for teams looking to take their agile practices to the next level

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Jira has unrivaled feature sets and deep functionality that that makes it easy for agile teams to plan, track, release and support world-class software with confidence.

Active sprint board in Jira Software

Manage your work with powerful agile boards

Jira is designed with agile best practices in mind

With dozens of templates, reports, and best practices, Jira makes it easy for agile teams to be successful within our products and beyond. Out-of-the-box scrum and kanban templates give your team full visibility into what’s next so you can continuously deliver maximum output in minimal cycle time.

“Engineers appreciated how Jira and Confluence simplified the product development lifecycle all the way from planning and design through engineering, testing, and customer support.”


Head of IT Infrastructure and Employee Services, Zoom

Give your developers the best of the best

Jira is the backbone of your Open DevOps workflow

With over 170+ DevOps add ons and 3rd party integrations, teams can unlock the extensibility of an open, diverse toolchain while keeping the ease and coordination of an all-in-one tool.

DevOps toolchain integrations screen in Jira Software

“Atlassian has changed the way [our] teams work and evolve. The products have especially helped the teams that are still growing their technical maturity. Departments that were struggling with technology and continuous improvement don’t now.”


Product Owner, Air France-KLM

Roadmap feature in Jira Software

Keep your teams and organization in sync

Plan work and track progress in a single view with roadmaps in Jira

Built-in roadmaps allow your team to create a timeline of your plans, update your priorities as they change, and communicate the status of work to your stakeholders. Try roadmaps for free in all versions.

“Jira has allowed a great deal of transparency across business and development teams – contributing to a product that's truly a collaborative effort every step of the way.”


Product Manager, Rent the Runway

Map your team’s unique way of working

Workflows in Jira power effective teamwork

Every team has its own definition of ‘Done’ and how to get there. Build custom workflows that better reflect real-life processes, while reducing friction and enabling faster delivery.

Custom work

“Once leaders and engineers saw how they could use Jira to create custom workflows and share them across teams, along with Confluence for documentation and collaboration, they were confident Atlassian would meet their needs.”

Evan Lerer

Director of Engineering, Redfin

Why choose Jira over



Marketplace with apps and integrations

Our Marketplace includes thousands of apps and integrations so you can customize Jira for your exact way of working


Products tailored for a specific use case

We offer versions of Jira for software, business and IT teams


Comprehensive agile reporting

Jira comes with over a dozen agile reports out of the box


Flexible permissions

Pick and mix between standardized ways of working across your org and giving teams the autonomy to design their own workflows


Smart filtering and search

Jira's filtering and search is backed by machine learning and JQL (Jira Query Language)


Best practices playbook

Atlassian has 45+ plays to help inspire your teams with agile best practices inside our products and beyond


Top-down visibility

Ladder up work across multiple teams into common goals


Smart dev tool integrations

See the status of work in your dev tools right where your teams plan and track work


Delegated administration

Empower teams you choose to administer their own projects so they can operate faster


Enterprise admin capabilities

Ensure a great end-user experience with enterprise admin capabilities like a sandbox environment and controlled releases


Mobile apps

Jira comes with mobile iOS and Android apps


Board and backlog

Enable teams to plan and track, and visualize their work on a board and backlog


Custom workflows

In Jira you can create workflows inspired by scrum, kanban, or anything in between


Native roadmaps

Every team in Jira gets a roadmap to help plan the big picture


Unlimited levels of hierarchy

Roll work into bigger picture goals with unlimited levels of hierarchy inside Jira