Data Center product investments

Enhancements to our Data Center products this past year focused on improving performance at scale, increasing native product capabilities and end-user value, and extending the flexibility and control of your instances.

Learn about some of the key features we shipped over the past year below.

To see the full roadmap of all shipped and planned releases for any of our Data Center products, please check out our Data Center roadmap.

Improved performance at scale

Increased native product capabilities and end-user value

  • With Automation for Jira (A4J) now included natively in Jira Software Data Center, you can:
    • Synchronize parent and sub-tasks, smart auto-assign, track SLAs, automate acting on linked issues, and more.
    • Smoothly automate advanced processes like approval workflows or defect management.
    • Seamlessly communicate between separate instances and integrate with other tools using available webhooks-based triggers.
  • If you use Advanced Roadmaps in Jira, you can now embed those plans on a Confluence page using the Advanced Roadmaps for Jira in Confluence.

Extended flexibility and control

  • Gain greater insight into resource utilization and performance of third party apps via performance and API usage metrics with App Monitoring, available in Jira and Confluence.
  • Supercharge your ability to identify and resolve problems with your Java apps as they occur by leveraging the Java Flight Recorder, a lightweight diagnostic tool for analyzing and troubleshooting apps at runtime in Jira and Confluence.
  • Securely integrate Atlassian Data Center Jira and Confluence with Cloud using Application Tunnels.

To learn more about what’s upcoming in any of our Data Center products, check out our roadmap.

The information on this page contains forward-looking statements which involve uncertainties when providing estimated effective dates. All forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties, and is subject to change.