Atlassian Data Lake Overview

Data from your Atlassian products in a single, queryable system - enriched and ready for analysis.

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Atlassian Data Lake for Cloud Enterprise

Atlassian Data Lake is available in Open Beta for Cloud Enterprise customers of Jira Software or Jira Service Management.

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What is the Atlassian Data Lake?

The Atlassian Data Lake includes data from your cloud products in a single queryable place with pre-modeled and enriched fields that are ready for analysis.

With the Atlassian Data Lake you can

  • Directly connect data from the Atlassian Data Lake to dashboards in Atlassian Analytics
  • Access prepared and transformed data directly through queries
  • Connect to external data sources to combine data sets across your Atlassian products and other SaaS products you use

Analyze data from key Atlassian Cloud

  • Jira Software
  • Jira Service Management
  • Jira Work Management
  • Opsgenie
  • Insight

more products coming soon

The Atlassian Data Lake is built on our trusted Atlassian platform with data privacy and security in mind.

Why use the Atlassian Data Lake?

With Atlassian Data Lake you gain:

  • Comprehensive insights across your toolchain with easy access to data across your Atlassian products and instances
  • Pre-modeled and enriched data fields - eliminating the need for manual and complex data modeling processes
  • Near real-time access to data in your BI tool of choice with standardized connectors rather than relying on slow, bulky data export APIs Coming soon

How it works

Connecting to Atlassian data

You can access the Atlassian Data Lake through the Atlassian Analytics interface. As an organization admin, you can set up multiple data connections to meet the needs of different teams.

Access data from Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Opsgenie, and Insight, with more products available soon!

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Connecting external data sources

If you have any Atlassian products with a Cloud Enterprise plan, you can also connect to data sources outside Atlassian and blend your Atlassian data with external data sources for richer insights. Compare development and IT metrics with important business data, including revenue, user experience, resource allocation, financial projects, and more!

Data connection preview

Database Connection Preview

Enhanced data access and permissions

Control what data sets you want to include or exclude for analysis. Configure whether to include or exclude user-generated content (UGC) that may include sensitive information. Including UGC gives you access to more human-readable data and populates template dashboards with more robust information for your analysis needs.

Examples of UGC data Examples of non-UGC data
  • issue summaries
  • page titles
  • descriptions
  • attachments
  • created dates
  • issue numbers
  • issue type ID
  • project ID

Read more about permission settings for user generated content.

Data scope selection

Data Scope Selection

Permissions also include access to which users and teams can query data. You can give anyone with access to Atlassian Analytics the ability to query data or restrict this capability to specific users during the connection creation process.

Data source access

Data Source Access

The Atlassian Data Lake follows Atlassian's security guidelines to ensure your data is safe with us.

Atlassian Analytics

Learn more about visualizing data across your Atlassian toolchain for holistic insights.

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