Partner Podcasts

Insights and advice from the industry on all things productivity by Atlassian Solution Partners.

What does it take to lead productivity and collaboration efforts in an organization?

Hear inspiring (and real) stories from those who are carving paths in this wonderful space - brought to you by our seasoned community of Atlassian partners around the globe. 

Available Shows:

Atlassian Ecosystem & Teamwork

From Adaptavist

All Things Jira

From Systemology

Atlassian Advantage

From Carahsoft

Helping Sells Radio

From ServiceRocket

Kickass Software, Rock 'n' Roll Teams

From SeibertMedia

DevOps Sauna

From Eficode

Team First business podcast series

From Shiwaforce

No Bullshit About (NOBS Podcast)

From Rivet Group

Un Paseo por las Nubes de Atlassian


Trundl Talks | Dialogue with Industry Experts

From Trundl

The Digital Transformation(ists)

From Praecipio Consulting

Atlassian Insights

From E7 Solutions

We believe there's always a better way to work

From Easy Agile


From Moser Consulting

Monday Coffe With Jexo

From Jexo

Orquestrando Herramientas Atlassian

From Elite IT Consulting Group